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 What goddess is helpful when dealing with a miscarriage? I've tried researching this question other places but nothing really comes up. I was about 8 weeks along and two weeks ago had a miscarriage. I hope to call upon the goddess to help me heal and also hold a ritual to remember my baby by. I feel like my body has failed me, I'm not sure how to heal. I tend to lend towards Celtic and eygptian gods/goddesses but am open to any suggestions. Thank you!

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The Ancient Maya goddess Ix Chel is a goddess of midwifery and healing. A pilgrimage to the island of Cozumel where the main Temple of Ix Chel is located was performed by women in need of emotional and physical healing. You can still visit her temple on Cozumel and say a little prayer. The vacation may do you some good also.

Thanks for the help I appreciate  it 

Sorry for your loss. This is a difficult and not easy to deal with except with time. You shouldn't feel like your body has failed you, it's not uncommon for a woman having a baby for the first time for this to happen, as it means there was something wrong with the pregancy, which made it unavoidable.

As a Modern Minoan pagan the mid wife of the Minoans was Eileithyia who became associated with Artemis and survivied to some extent into Hellenic times.

You should commune with the goddess in the same way the Minoans would have - see my note on my facebook page -

As this would be very relevent for you under the circumstances.


 Check out the Goddess Bree who was also known as Bridgit. Sorry for your loss.

I will thank you

Jizo – Protector Of Children, Travelers, Women And The Weak

Jizo has many functions and duties, but most important of them all is that acts a protector of children and unborn children who died before their parents.;

Thank you 

Though not an ancient goddess, my friend said Lilith helped her out a lot. I would also suggest Artemis, the goddess of childbirth, and Isis the mother goddess.

It’s nearly always the Chthonic goddesses because you’re dealing with the transitions from the underworld to life and back to the underworld again. It’s all that deep earth grounding you get with Kali and Lilith. There is also Nephthys, Hecate, and Demeter, and we can’t forget Persephone who as “the lost daughter” and queen of the underworld offers solace for loss.


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