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Hello! I hope this isn't against any site rules, but as I know a lot of you were on Wiccan Together and had friendships that were lost on their when the site went down, I wanted to post the new website here ^__^  It's been moved to:

So excited to reconnect with everyone! 

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Just a heads up, I think something is wrong with the site. I tried logging in and kept getting pushed to other random websites.

Me too. Just visiting the site pushes me to other sites.


Not now. I am afraid.

I wonder if the OP is aware of this.


Re: Website redirection. I checked that site out and yes, you're right. This is caused by code referencing domain which has been sold by the previous owner of to Sedo domain services. Their parking page is the problem. domain itself appears to be currently owned by a company who specializes in high traffic domains for the purposes of getting money from ads. I do not believe the current owner of nor it's relationship to the once associated domain has any relation. The current owner Eric, nor any of the mods or admins, has logged into the site for months. It is true I did try to get the site up and running, but I wasn't able to transfer ownership. If I had, those messages for redirection would've been removed upon successful transfership of the network. Needless to say, it's still up and running because I had started the reactivation process and never finished it because it's current hosting provider never completed the transfer.

Thank you for letting us know. I created a new profile on there, funnily enough it looks exactly like the one I have on here.

Due to the redirecting of page issues I am having there, I won't be rejoining unfortunately unless the issue is resolved.

I see below a lot of you are having problems with the site, i was able to get in and make a page but it seems to be only me on this site ever in the chat?

Brian, the original owner of WT, decided on a different spiritual path. Long before WT shut down. It was only a matter of time, and I wouldn't trust any site that claims to be another unless the original owner was involved. It looks the same, but anyone that saw it before with any amount of tech savvy could do that.

Looks like the site was cleaned up some by who ever owns it now.


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