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Hello! I hope this isn't against any site rules, but as I know a lot of you were on Wiccan Together and had friendships that were lost on their when the site went down, I wanted to post the new website here ^__^  It's been moved to:

So excited to reconnect with everyone! 

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Thank you for telling us :D

Just a heads up, I think something is wrong with the site. I tried logging in and kept getting pushed to other random websites.

Me too. Just visiting the site pushes me to other sites.

Nothing is wrong with the site; the site is now owned by a known spammer and scam artist that does stuff like this; it's functioning as intended :)


Don't wtf me! Go there and find out for yourself.

Not now. I am afraid.

His reputation extends further than just me running my sh*t flaps:

Here's another article from the same site:

He was doing the same thing here; Ning is aware of his tactics and most of his new sites are removed within a couple of days of launch due to TOS violations. If you have friends on WT, I suggest that you notify them, if the site continues down its current path, Ning will remove it also.

I wonder if the OP is aware of this.

I wonder if the OP is aware of anything :3



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