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one of the things that i have noticed through experimentation, is that the properties of crystals and stones can be brought into a greater state of activity through motion. the "forces" involved in motion seem to have a rapid effect. for example, ill hold one in my hand and wave my hand in a fanning motion while relaxing and focusing upon it. sometimes, the effect is like a borealis effect, other times it is like an intense plasma that crackles similar to lightning in different colors with different sensations. usually there is a feeling similar to how it feels when two magnets repel eachother. selenite is fun for this, ill hold another stone or crystal with selenite in my hand and fan it around through my aura and up and down in front of my chakras. it gets intense, at times it looks like things in the area are flashing, for example the leaves upon the ground and the ground too. lastnight i was sitting in the forest doing this, and to my left i saw what looked like the sun flying among the trees, and it was shining multicolored rays. it was a delightful, though brief experience. one time i was sitting and singing a sacred song, and a blue orb floated by right in front of me, i looked directly at it and it stopped, reversed course and stopped again right in front of me. it started beaming at me and i got a very strong impression that it was smiling happily at me.

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The reasons for the effect that you mention have to do with the effects of the Odic forces in your body and in the stones. extremely comprehensive reasearch on these phenomena was done by Baron Von Reichenbach in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries CE. His books are available online and probably via your local library.

yes, ive been aware of what youre talking about, however not by the term Odic, nor was i aware of that mans work. sounds interesting, thanks :)

im starting to take a look at his work, it seems so far that his big mistake was to separate it into something new, instead of it being a natural part of electromagnetism. i can see how presenting it as Odic force would be off putting to scientists.

since i made that first post, ive continued working with crystals and stones in the ways i described. ive developed a skill set that i learned from the energies, and everything has become far more intense. the intensity is somewhat like the g forces you feel on a roller coaster, how intensely youll feel those. it has seriously activated and sensitized my palm and finger chakras among other things. touching a crystal is like opening an energetic circuit, the energies flying through my body at the speed of light and my body conducting and radiating them. its fun :)


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