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Last year I bought a lot of what is called 'Smelt' crystal and lab generated (a seed crystal is grown in a lab environment) on Ebay. I have tried to find as much info as possible on these crystals which so far is not much. My question is this: Smelt crystal is created by melting down raw crystal and then re-shaping and/or adding color to them. I would love to know if this process destroys the natural properties condusive to using the crystal for healing. Some folks I've talked to say they can still feel a 'signiture' or vibration to them, some say it renders the crystal useless and becomes only glass. And what about lab generated crystal?Some say crystal is crystal weather its' grown in the ground or grown in a lab as long as they use crystal as the seed. Once I realized that Smelt was melted down crystal I became so despondent that I boxed all of the Smelt and lab geberated cystals and put them away. I never worked with them. Now, most of us would rather work with naturally formed crystal, but how valid are the Smelt and lab generated crystal? Blessings, Ianna:)

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It's so good to hear from you! You are right, I had forgotten our convesation which was quite a while ago, but what about obsidian which is a form of glass? Hugs, me:)

...that frustrating moment when you type out a long response only to have it mysteriously vanish...

I don't think manmade crystals are the same as natural ones, but that doesn't make them useless or worthless. For the most part man-altered natural crystals feel "damaged" to me, but I have an angel aura quartz that feels perfectly fine to me, so I suspect it's not something that's always one way or the other. Ultimately I would say trust your feelings about them - different things speak to different people in different ways.

Molly thanks for responding, I know what you mean about angel aura quartz, I still have a hard time connected to this type of altered quartz. Glad to see you can connect with it! I agree, different things can spak to different people in different ways. Thanks for the post! Blessings, Ianna:)


In my opinion the melting destroys the crystal, and being lab-grown makes it much less powerful, less valuable, and filled with bad energy which must be cleansed...  and the crystal will always be sub-standard.

This is why I believe that.

Crystal is a living stone.  It needs it's earth connection to grow properly, it also takes and holds energy signatiures from it's surroundings...  this is part of what gives it it's character.  A few (not all) ways to cleanse a crystal is to place it in in salt, running water, or moonlight.  In a lab environment the crystal is removed from the natural environment that cleanses it during it's life, and it is also surrounded by unnatural energy which it will be imprinted with.  So it is bathed in unnatural, probably unhealthy energy -- with no means to cleanse itself  --  while it is growing.

Just like a child grown under high tension electric wires, or inside of an alcoholic...  is permanently damaged.

Now, a few years ago I tried to grow tomato and other plants in a hanging environment.(like topsey-turvey)  The plants never did as well or produced like the plants grown in the ground, and I came to the conclusion that it is because there is a certain energy flow which comes with an earth connection.  Whether it be an electrical ground, magnetism, Chi, or Orgone energy which flow back and forth between the living creature and the planet.(BTW, Eden not Earth)  The stones, plants, people, etc, and the planet are all alive, connected, and exchange this energy for optimum health.  Separated from the source, and grown in a hostile envioronment of fluorecent lights, and surrounded by 60hz electrical wires with their unhealthy energy fields, etc...  the crystals cannot possibly attain the same quality as a natural stone grown in nature.

Natural crystal is fairly cheap.  I would recommend cleansing the crystals that you bought and using them to a non-energy related use.  Put them out for show around your garden, mixed in with other natural crystals where they can recover and have a good retirement.  Never attempt to use these crystals for healing or other direct energy work.

My opinion, for what it's worth.

Peace, Love, and Light,


Greetings Dan! Thanks for your thoughtful response. I wholeheartedly agree with what you say and I actually have dozen's of natural crystals. I know what you're saying about the lab generated crystal, abd even though they are grown in an artificial environment, I'm not convinced that with strong intent, consistent cleansing and lot's of physical interaction, these crystals can't make a come back in time.The are ultimately real crystal. Time will tell and will keep folks posted on my journey with them. I have to believe that crystals have their own form of conciousnes and can respond to the right loving stimuli. The melted quartz is another story...Ebay has dozen's of Cinese vendors advertising smelt as 'natural quartz' and as 'healing' crystals...It really pisses me off that I was not knowledgeable about this whe I bought so many pieces...But I just asked my friend Dustywolf this same question, what about obsidian? Is it not a form of glass derived from lava? What is the difference between glass obsidian and quartz melted down? Blessings, ianna:)

Smelt Quartz", Master Shamanite, and other scams.

I know that this is frustrating, and in many ways misunderstood. "Smelt Quartz" is not quartz at all -- it is common glass, and people are being misled by deceptive advertising.

First understand that quartz is a common silicate mineral (which is where we get glass)  and next to oxygen it is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust comprising 28.2% by weight.

"Smelt Quartz" is commonly sold as a variety of quartz, especially from many eBay vendors. "Smelt Quartz" is not quartz at all -- it is common glass, which is made from melting quartz in the presence another compound (called a flux) which lowers the melting temperature. Glass is not crystalline, whereas quartz and other minerals (with few exceptions) are crystalline. Most people can't tell the difference, but glass is optically isotropic (which means that it doesn't polarize light) whereas quartz is anisotropic (it does polarize light). Glass also has a lower density, which you might be able to detect by its heft, and "smelt quartz" usually has unnatural looking streaky patches in it. "Smelt quartz" has none of the properties of true quartz, which is one of the main types of crystals used in shamanic healing.

"Master Shamanite" is a garden variety black limestone with a few fossils in it. Nothing about it, such as fossils or trace minerals like strontianite and zircon, is unusual. The commercial value of this stone is a few cents, but it is sold for 10's of dollars; clearly a scam.

It is a shame that so many people are roped into spending their hard earned money on such a scam, be very cautious and if you have any doubts as to the validity of the advertisement; especially on eBay, contact the seller directly before making a purchase. By doing this , if you should make a purchase that turns out to be Smelt Quartz, or some other glass fake at least you have grounds for a refund, and eBay will stand behind you at this point.


i would suggest experimenting with them to find out for yourself.


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