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Last night I dream about an Islamic mosque. Two associates and I owned a construction company and were contracted to build an Islamic mosque. We built the mosque then joined the mosque after completion. The leaders of the mosque refused to pay us for the construction. They said we did not build the mosque properly. We were accused of not properly fortifying the main support beam and columns. One of my associates made a bomb and brought it to the mosque. He decided if he was not going to get paid, he was going to blow it up. The bomb consisted of six sticks of dynamite with a single fuse. He stood by the column which connected to the main support crossbeam and ignited the fuse. He placed the bomb against the column and support beam and just stood there. The building was full of people and my other associate and I started running. The bomb blew up and killed various people including the associate who ignited the bomb.

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So are you in Construction Business?

No, I'm retired and before retirement I was an electronic technician. I worked on radar systems, missile systems, telephone systems, computer systems, automation systems, power distribution systems, and … . Now I'm a janitor, caregiver, landscaper, plumber, electrician, cook, household manager, security guard, and … . lol

You know that’s pretty overwhelming to read. YIKES!

Sounds, like a bad contract you shouldn't take.


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