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Hello all,

    I just purchased some nuummite...I've been reading various book entries about it and reading up on the geological info.  I know it's one of the oldest on this planet, so my thoughts are that it would be fairly potent.  Most of the stuff I've been reading on it discusses its potential use as a mage's stone but in mostly vague ways...Has anyone in this group been using nuummite?  If so, what are your personal experiences with it?






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O.O Never even heard of I until I saw this post, so I looked it up. It's a metamorphic rock made of a mix of anthophyllite and gedrite, so you might look up the properties of those minerals. The deposit in Greenland were it's mined is dated at about 3 billion years old, so it's pretty primordial. Earth didn't even have much oxygen in it's atmosphere at that point and the most complex life around was cyanobacteria. You're not going to find many rocks older than that because plate tectonics would have reabsorbed them into the mantle. With all that in mind, I would think Nuummite might be a good stone for anything relating to ancient knowledge, creative power, and super-duper grounding energies, but this is all speculation. Nuummite sounds awesome, I might have to buy a piece for myself...

Thanks for the idea, I'll look up the properties of anthophyllite and gedrite.  It *is* very grounding, but in a very different way than hematite or schorl.  It's almost like the feeling that you could use it to tap into a different kind of energy within the earth that isn't related to its electromagnetic field...I don't know if that makes sense or not.  If you buy some Nuummite, you'll have to let me know what you think!  Unfortunately, it isn't a cheap mineral! The cheapest I've seen is ~$15 for a 1" x 1" chunk.  The prettier pieces with lots of fire showing can run well over $45-$50.  If you can find a cheap source though, please let me know!
That is a bit pricey. I might have to ask for a specimen for my birthday! Where did you get yours?

The website that I bought mine from was a little independent crystal seller in the UK.  I rechecked, and they no longer have it advertised on their site anymore so I'm assuming they're out of nuummite at the moment.  After searching the internet for awhile I ran across several sites selling tumbled nuummite for $3-$5 but they seemed like poor quality chunks without any distinct crystals present.  Also, since I can't pick up the stones and check them out myself to make sure they're actually selling nuummite and not another random black rock, I try to scrutinize the online photos that sellers put up very carefully.


If you're willing to spend around $25 for a palm sized chunk of nuummite, there is a little website that seemed promising (if a little weird and extra new agey, no offense):


Based on the photos, their large pieces of nuummite looked legitimate.  I went ahead and ordered one.  When I receive it in the mail, I'll let you know about the quality.  So far, that's the cheapest price per oz. for a high grade of nuummite that I've encountered online.  It's quite possible that rock shops that don't do internet sales would have some for cheaper, but there's really no way to know unless you visit some yourself.  Good luck!


I forgot to mention, the $25 dollar price was for the rock and shipping.  The actual prices is £12.50, but with the exchange rate, you never know.
I had not heard of it either until I read your post, but my "Gem Stones A-Z" by Diane Stein says it is a powerful "new" stone. I took the word new as "new to the market". My book highlights it as a powerful aid for psychic visions and healing. It is also said to promote insight and intuition, as well as healing auras. Not sure if you came across any of that info, but this book has been pretty accurate for me so far. Sounds to me like Nuumite is a very potent healers stone, not to be used by amateurs (like me lol). I'll look up some images and if it scares the crap out of me then it will probably prove to be useful to you, as you are far more experienced and comfortable with various stone use.
Just looked at a few pics on google. The tumbled and polished stones I actually found quite relaxing... Until I got to a picture of a Nuumite pendulum. I'm getting the feeling that this is a perfect addition to your collection. I'd have to touch it to be sure, but it may be a "use sparingly" sort of stone. Just the photographed image of the pendulum felt way over my head.

Yeah, it kind of does have a "you can use this to tumble into the VOID" sort of a feel to it...but it seems like you'd have to poke at it pretty hard to end up there accidentally.  I'd probably wait to deeply meditate with a large palm sized piece until I had one of my other pagan friends with me who has some experience with astral travel and being a referee for that type of thing in case I had trouble "snapping out of it". 


You'd probably be okay buying it and you could start with a small piece if you were worried.  I find that really big mineral chunks do give off stronger vibes than little pieces (a slightly controversial viewpoint, but this is my own opinion) so start small if you're not sure how your energy will react to it.  There are a lot of other factors that effect the energetic feel of different specimens and size of the specimen is only one aspect.

Actually I agree with you about the size of the stone. Assuming that you are buying it from someone who sells real quality stuff, the larger ones do have more of a commanding power to them. (check out the pic of the giant quartz crystal on my page and you'll see what I'm talking about) But I think I will probably skip the Nuumite for now. I just bought a small tumbled piece of Sodalite that I plan to make a necklace out of so I can very very slowly reopen my intuition and empathy. I suffer from major intuitive blockage due to fear. From there I move on to the moonstone I bought, which should help me re-attune to and focus my already natural empathic healing abilities. Please do let me know how the Nuumite works for you though. It's hard to get info on stones that novices don't generally use.
Greetings Geowitch! Have not been around lately, thought I would chime in, I have a lovely, rather large palm sized nuumite that I have not nreally worked with, I bought it online on Ebay (they really can have deals, the vendor was from New Mexico I believe) but the internal fires/sparks are mesmerizing....A friend of mine from PS also made a nuumite necklace for me of which I am very garteful for. All of the descriptions that are posted here is what I have read, especially the quality of being a healing stone. The few times I worked with this stone I sensed a tremendous amount of 'heaviness' or densness that I could not resonate with in an effective way.Reading everyone's posts are motivating me to re-connect with this stone! Thanks everyone for posting! Blessings, ianna

Awesome!  Let us know how your experiences with it go!  I should be receiving my new piece in the mail any day now...I can't wait.


the energies of Nuummite tend to be very passive and quiet until it awakens, and once it does it becomes quite potent. this partly has to do with your connection with it, and also has to do with your energies and those in the environment. people speak of it as being a magicians or sorcerers stone because it stimulates psychic awareness, stimulates your chakras, grounds you in your body, and is very protective. i work with Nuummite often, and i like it a lot. in my experience, it combines well with selenite or labradorite. another mention here, because of its strength, Nuummite is very grounding, for me more than other grounding stones. its very helpful when placed over the third eye or the crown chakra.


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