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I suffer from severe depression and am waiting to go to court as I was raped, my boyfriend is putting pressure on me to drop the charges as the rapist is a friend of his-what do I do?

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What do you do?
1) You get treatment for the depression.
2) You dump the boyfirend - he's just given a very ugly indicator of how high you rank in his life.
3) You prosecute the rapist to the full extent of the law.

I am very sorry to hear about what happened to you. Welcome to the group.



My boyfriend is now on my side, I think he foumd the idea that I had been raped really hard to handle but he's supporting me now and because the offender has gang connections he's also protecting me and my kids from retaliations.
I'm glad to hear he's turned himself around on this. But be sure to have some counseling, and keep the group posted on how you are doing.
Tyhanks for all your support-it's great to have someone around who's looking after me and the more time we spend together - more of his gentler side he starts to show which is really special. I will keep you posted on h0w the trial and everything goes.
Thanks for all the support-I will keep you all posetd.
Love Michelle

Im sarry for your woes, and yes press the charges , I would hope that you have evidence to back up your words , for rape cases are things that must be proven in a court of law. 2. if he's a friend of your boy friend dump him! as he has no respect for you , rape is indeed a serious charge and if your boyfriend looks the other way then I would question his motives as well. 3. depression, take your vitimans , take D, and 1500mgs of C , take a b 50 complex that gives you all the B's If you do not take a AMO take L- Tyrosine, come on child heal thy self ! if the depression is caused by bipolar, take Lithium. drink Kava for the nerves lemon Balm will help with digestion . if you suffer because of your pain about the rape LET IT GO ! learn not to trust people, learn not to be so open, and most of all resepct your self . Blessings Fantumofthewinds
Thanks for the support Fantumofthewinds-my boyfriend still doesn't believe it happened but the weird thing is I don't need him to believe it, he still is there for me and I understand why he doesn't want to hear about it-it's a hard thing for guys to face up to or even think about as men.
So it's all good but I am really scared about is going to trial as I know that I will make some enemies and there could be retaliation on their part. Will keep you posted.

WELCOME . Blessings Fantumofthewinds
Thanks for the blessings it means a lot to me as I know I'm not alone as I go through with this.
As a rape victim myself if I could go back in time my rapists would have paid but since I was young there's not much I can do, eh. =P

You on the other had do have something you can do and that's make him pay for his crimes, and he did commit a crime and horrible crime.

I wish you luck in this. I really really do.

Thanks for all the support-after a while I started to think that maybe I had done something for him to rape me-the whole thing could strill be my fault-I don't know.
Thanks Kitten for your support-it means a great deal to me.


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