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Hi everyone.
I have real difficulty telling people about my illnesses, and I've recently got to know a guy, we were friends before, but on ffriday we went out together and it seems that we may end up going out! However, I dont know how to tell him about my little problems!
Any advice???

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I would wait a little while and see how it goes first. After I tell someone I tend tojoke about it, to try and lighten the mood. But if he really likes you and is your friend he will understand. Most ppl think it is no big deal. what type of mental illness do u have?
Three, anxiety problems, depreession and "clinical psychosis" which could be schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder or bipolar disorder. I told him by the way, he's more than okay with it, he was very understanding. I've also managed to tell two more of my close friends. Thanks :)
When your ready, tell him. Mental illness isn't something that a person should be ashamed of, he might even be living with it too and may understand.


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