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That was the name of a show on the Science Channel last night. At a castle in England, five "normal" people and five people who had mental illnesses were put through a variety of exercises (stand up comedy, cleaning a cow barn, orienteering, paintball) while being observed on camera by a panel of psychiatrists who did not know who was who.

The panel was supposed to examine everyone's behavior and determine who was normal, who was mentally ill, and if they could, what illness.

They got surprisingly few correct. One woman was even singled out twice. The first time halfway through, the panel had her taken aside and told her they had established that she was a perfectly normal person - only to be shocked when she told them otherwise. The next time they pulled her aside they told her it was now their consensus that she was bi-polar, and again they were wrong (she had depression).

The program did not break any new ground in diagnosing or understanding mental illnesses, but it was fascinating to watch.

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