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When I was thirteen, seven days after my mother turned 39(3X13 for those of you not into power pattern interpretation, her birthday being on June 13th and she being born on a friday), which was also the summer solstice, I had an accident where I was hit by a car and had paranormal episodes while in the hospital and following, which i have recently learned are a symtom of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. One of my first OBEs was also during a surgery when my heart stopped and had to be restarted. i later had a psychic awakening when I was 27 (3X3X3) when i had sex for the first time, something which can happen due to the energies being built up and released all at once.
I am wondering if anyone else has had episodes of psychic activity or weird or paranormal experiences after experiencing trauma, or if anyone else here suffers from PTSD and depression.

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Yeah, that qualifies, but you could also be having that happen because sometimes we tend to repress things out of feeling like we will not be accepted, the primary reason children start losing natural abilities around nine or ten years old.
I can give you online counseling, but I am clear across the country from you, I am afraid. you might look for people on here in your area who do mentoring.
I was very badly bullied at school as I was undiagnosed Autistic in my school days, the bullying still gives me flash backs and i am now 42, the sound of laughter panics me because it sends me into flash backs of my youth and bullying. I was very much a child with a 6th sense and saw little beings and creatures that no one else saw and was able to predict things, being raised in an evangelical Protestant home meant my pyschic abilities could not flourish and were quashed really. I have no fear of the darker side of things either like death or the dark or demons or anything like that, I even feel peace in places that many people feel afraid, I always felt at peace with the darker side, by that I don`t mean cruelty or killing or violence but stuff like the dark supernatural, spirits that sort of thing.


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