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Hello dear sisters,

Please write your new addresses here. The ones that are in the first group you are fine there unless you change your address. We will start a new one every two years and I will try to go thru the first one and get rid of the addresses that do not work anymore and try to keep better track of it all.

Please don't forget if you can have markings on the envelopes or not.

and have fun writing to each other..

Love and light your way,



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I haven't checked here in awhile, which is bad of me. I did have a few lovely ladies that I was writing but they suddenly stopped :( I hope everything is okay! It has gotten me worried, really.

I've been blessed enough to be able to buy a home & I'll be moving this month. I never thought I'd own a home but here we are! :) So here's my new address and I hope to make some lovely new friends!

Castilleja Longwalker
620 Pheasant Run
Burleson, TX 76028

Markings or anything else you'd like is just fine :)

Okay I have sent out a card to your old address, ooooooopppppppppppssssssssss on me. I just hope the post office is smart enough to forward it to you and your new address

I don't think that I ever got it :(

Refreshing my info even though I think it's still on here. Now that i have stamps I can actually reply to mail. Forgive me for the ones I haven't replied to. Please feel free to write again and you will get an answer.

KJ Deal and/or Phoenix FireStar Rising

215 Genesee St, Apt. E36

Auburn NY 13021

Candi Moon

65227 state Hwy 74

Mountain Center, Ca.


*Markings on the envelopes are encouraged! I love seeing the creativity 

I have a new address. Not sure if it's in here but I scrolled through to page 6, didn't see it. Lots of people. Anywho.

1100 kooteani cutoff #6.
Ponderay Idaho 83852.


omg hon.. I am so sorry. I will try to get a letter out to you soon. Life has been crazy since I started the school thing. Now it is studying for the Emblex.

I hope that you are doing ok.. OUCH....

Alisha Getzfreid(given name) or Tala 

746 Rd 9

Powell Wy 82435

Markings are welcome. 

I have been so bad about keeping in touch. I have been through ups and downs. Just had a new grandbaby (the first), just started a new job. Hoping to finally get things back on track so I can start catching up again. My address is the same. You can use either Ariel Wyon Odin or Jeni Arndts 409 S. Clinton St. Albion, MI 49224. I want to start catching up soon. Have a wonderful weekend.


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