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If you believe that Nature is the inner sanctum of your Church of Satan, then you just bought yourself a one way ticket to Hell.

The very best insight I have ever seen pertaining to this analogy is from the Temple of the Black Light that follows the Anti Cosmic 218 current of Lucifer/Satan. According to TTOBL, Lucifer and Satan are the same aspect as merging in and of the 218 current, meaning that they represent the same Anti Cosmic acausal energies of the Nightside, as illustrated by the Gnostic Left Hand Path. I concur that they both together are the highest manifestation of the Black Light, based on traditional Qliphothic Demonology. To use biblical or historical references to justify this so called separate indentity is completely outside of the Dark Esoteric matrix, AND REDUCES THE SUBJECT TO TRIVIALITY.

Lucifer as the Bearer of Light of the forbidden wisdom and lust is symbolic in that portrays the Light as a cosmic material feature, or byproduct, of Lucifer's Presence, Influence, and Spiritual Force of Dark Energy in the Cosmos, in the midst the Dark Gnosis, or Black Flame. Lucifer and Satan both are the epitome of rebellion against the cosmic stasis, and the opposition, the fallen, the blasphemers, and the accusers they were originally made out to be, since they appeared in traditional right hand path Jewish and Christian lore.

The speculated Unjust Order that Lucifer and Satan both defy that is spewed by pseudo left hand path trekkers is that perpetrated by the trendy and popular social and so called spiritual forums of the new age social media morass. This right hand path speculation and moral tyranny surrounding the entire spectrum of the history and Nature of Lucifer, as well as Satan, in that the unjust order symbolizes or represents a Dark or Light compassion or benevolence for anyone whom is deemed to be a casualty or collateral damage of any mundane injustice per se', is just that; speculative nonsense….

The fact is that the Unjust Order, is ANYONE who opposes Lucifer and Satan in any way, shape or form, for what they represent OTHER THAN the Anti Cosmic acausal framework. Any of those who are the self proclaimed beneficiaries of the so called benevolent relationship Lucifer or Satan supposedly have with the human race at large, suffer from a gross misunderstanding. This belief prevails simply because these so called "beneficiaries" exist, and happen to be mistreated by some socio/political establishment. The 218 current does not in any way support this, or any historical and/or conventional religious whims pertaining to truth, morality, and enlightenment.

The Anti Cosmic, the Chaotic, and the traditional Diabolism, scientifically, as well as spiritually are more of the aspect of ebb and flow of the creation and evolution of the cosmos, that is extremely hostile to the organic. That is why living organisms have found their sanctuary on earth, and not in the greater cosmos. Even though some science fiction speculators would like to believe otherwise.

Darkness rules the cosmos, and the Void, and becomes the antithesis of Light. Therefore, salvation of and compassion for humanity, except for those who embrace and understand the intrinsic value of this current, is not an aspect of this Dark Matrix.

The ultimate end of the current aeon may well bring the annihilation of the Earth and it's inhabitants, but this is not based on any biblical hyperbole. It is based on the existing patterns of cosmic evolution. 

Pitting Lucifer against Satan by historical, philosophical paper trails make for interesting mundane conversation, but all simply goes out the window in this discussion. Within the context of history and Judeo Christian speculative nonsense, this analogy remains as a net zero sum and substance of the quintessential Dark Gnosis. It simply goes no further than that. We know that the mainstream concepts of these deities evolves from different places and cultures. It can only be understood within the Dark Gnosis of the esoteric, and not of the historical. The scientific is only just beginning to discern this. To see this as historical blindly misses the essence of what Lucifer and Satan both represent in their highest manifestations.

These mainstream conflicting opinions simply are designed out of the confused pages of the mundane mixed up historian or philosopher, or right hand path "mystic". Those who cannot, or refuse to fathom the esotericism of current 218, self deification, and freedom from the moral entrapments imposed by ideology of god’s minions, otherwise known as intellectual property, as they are his own personal property, instead of liberation from this tyranny, restriction, and self imposed limitation. This liberation is exactly what Lucifer and Satan BOTH represent, in the esoteric, as well as the mundane. Both with the same mission for those who can see through the veil of obstruction based on some shallow construct of conventional religious or academic moral worldview as the universal prism of enlightenment.

Just like many prevailing mysteries of the cosmos, you need to understand and attain self deification because the higher power and it's points of origin cannot be seen, explained, or understood within three dimensional cause and effect. It is self deification, and not self delusion, that links us to this matrix.

The right hand path stands for one thing only, restraint based on some holier than thou fabric of illusory moral slavery fueled by guilt, lack of understanding, and morbid mystery, evolving from the age old derivative of Judaic blasphemy and distortion of the essence of the Black Flame..

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