I am considering the way of Asatru after recieving guidance from Odin. I was never one to be interested in this folkway (I never felt it called to me) until now. As I've been researching, I've seen that many Asatru groups and followers believe you must be dedicated completely to this way and practice no other.


Therein lies an issue for me. I am a follower of the Faery Religion, and I continue to practice Native American (Mohwak) spirituality. They are an integrated part of who I am. These beliefs/practices/identies cannot be departed from. So the question is, can I be these and Asatru? I think Asatru is very community oriented, and if I decide to follow this calling I'm concerned I will not be accepted within the community because of these othe aspects of me.


I would love to hear anyones thoughts and recieve guidance too. I'm looking for websites and books...any resources, really, that will be informative. :)

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you just said all my favorite books:)
Alright, thank you! If it doesn't, I'll simply have to find another path. The Fey beliefs are too important to me.
I'm not nor have been Wiccan anyway. I researched it fairly well before deciding it just wasn't the way for me. There was no connection.

Thank you for the websites, advice and info! I'll definitely look into them. :)
THe prose and poetic eddas are important to asatru. right no i'm reading runology by edred thorsson
Hell yes:)
Ok, thanks for the suggestions!
A lot of people that go Odins way sometimes doesn't take the way of Asatru,they seperate the two.Odin is more involved with the study of the runes and of Odin himself,Hugin and Munnin and Asatru goes by the Nine Noble Virtues, the Norse Holidays, the study of other Norse Gods and Goddess, sword fighting...(which I did in a Kindred lol) it depends on what path you personally want to take that fits you.
Sometimes poeple also celebrate the Norse holidays and study the Runes or believers in the Asatru way do both, its all up to you:)
Study both and see what fits you!:)
Heil Be It Odin,Wise One,All Father!!!!
May He Direct Your Feet On The Right Path!
Whether I want him to or not, he is. I can't explain it, but I feel a bond with him that I haven't felt with a God in a long time. Maybe I will look into Odin's Way instead more so than Asatru. Though really, I'm very interested in the Norse Folkways. They're fascinating!

Thanks for your advice. :)
Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson talked about "The Little People" all around his farm (Read my blog about him). These are said to be faery's, And there is a lot of similarity's between Native American, and Norse shamanism. No one should have to give up their beliefs, stay true to yourself.
"So the question is, can I be these and Asatru?"

Speaking for myself, I could not worship other Gods at the same time as the Aesir and Vanir. They are a whole package.

I look at it as mostly a conflict of interest. I would be unable to act on behalf of multiple pantheons of Gods.

I would also suggest looking at Ravencast an Asatru Podcast at Ravencast.podbean.com.
"I could not worship other Gods at the same time as the Aesir and Vanir". The Æsir and Vanir, even tho they work together are different races of gods, as it is said in the Edda's, so really, whats the difference?
I acknowledge that other Gods exist. But the difference is a lot to me. I would not feel comfortable with pledging my Troth to them and doing other things for other Gods.


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