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Are there any devotees of Fenrir out there? Opinions and thoughts on his worship?

In the Eddas, we see his imprisonment, release, and slaying of Odin. As an Asatru, what is your opinion on this? How does this fit into your spiritual view?

If there are any good reads out there on interpretations of Fenrir's role in the Nordic pantheon, let me know!

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"lets take it that if anything he is a personification of death, destruction and primal rage.

whats the issue there?"

Nothing only I don't think that those are particularly praiseworthy. At least when those used against people.

"let us view this with the idea that i am a warrior, a bezerker as well, and I see Fenrir, the animal god that is destined to kill Odin. "

Even given this the bearserkers are not folks you want at your dinner table. But I do think that Fenris is not a benevolent, useful force nor one that should be praised nor worshiped.

"This is an amazing power to think of. yes, he may be the destroyer of the allfather, but he is destined to die anyway. "

This logic has lost me. It's ok, because everything dies?

"it leaves us to only realize that there is strength above what we currently think."

Well, we are talking about divine forces. So pretty much everything is beyond us from that vein.

"its a good reason also to look at those beings destined to kill Fenrir as well."

Right, they are divine too. So I'm not sure where your reasoning is here.


Look, I acknowledge that Fenris is a powerful force. (He eats everything.) But not one that should be honored nor worshiped like the Aesir or Vanir.
When it comes down to it asatru is a religion about the ancstors and their ways and fenrir is away to personify what they are against, its really a counter productive thing, and i can think of no warriors who gave praise to fenrir
Have you actually READ the lore?

I hear there is a great book on the Lore and Heathenry called Norse Magic by DJ Conway. :)

Loving and Playful? Fenrir? I guess to someone completely submerged in BDSM, he could be. I'm just not sure how this discussion comes up time and time again. But, then again, from time to time in society, someone will pop up and try to rationalize and justify bestiality and pedophilia. Maybe, just maybe, in moderation, buckshot aimed at one's head can feel good.

To answer specifically about his worship or anything about "devotees": it's a resounding no. There is no historical evidence to support his worship and therefore no devotees. Anyone who currently claims to "Worship" Fenrir is doing so to further a bizarre fantasy they made in their own head and to appear as some sort of tough guy or cool kid.

So it's a big No in terms of actual Heathenry.
Hope this helps!


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