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  • Verdant Village

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 26

    A place to gather to stay connected.

  • Goth Over 40

    15 members Latest Activity: Jun 13

    Goth inside and out. We have held onto cherished goth trends of our time and have had some evolved ones grow on us.  We have paved the way for…

  • embracinghealingways

    2 members Latest Activity: Jun 5

    this site helps us selfteem from witch magic to self healing issues, love are self and crafty ways  

  • Technology & Magic

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 2

    A good place to discuss magic and technology.

  • Circle of the Serpent

    11 members Latest Activity: Feb 22

    Circle of the Serpent is a group dedicated, and focused on the Dark Goddess, her many faces, aspects, magick as well as empowerment as women.

  • Dark embrace

    4 members Latest Activity: Feb 18 A group about vampyres real, myths, legends and such

  • Thracian\ Geto-Dacian

    2 members Latest Activity: Oct 25, 2017

    This a group for those of us who are interested and are trying to follow the Thracian\ Geto-Dacian path. There is little information available on…

  • Asatru,Heathenism and related topics.

    10 members Latest Activity: Mar 6

    A group for people that follow the Northern traditions. 

    This group will welcome all who follow these paths and are interested in…

  • Runes of the High One

    6 members Latest Activity: Nov 28, 2017

    A group devoted to the study of the Elder Futhark Runes, Bind-Runes, Staves, and Runestones.

    No one is an expert here. Mutual…

  • Olean Area Wiccans and Pagans

    1 member Latest Activity: Aug 13, 2017

    Hello everyone and Merry Meet! We are a group of Wicca and Pagans in the Olean, NY and surrounding area that are looking to meet others in the…

  • Earth Angels~Lightworkers~Indigos and Crystals

    3 members Latest Activity: Feb 26

    A group for earth angels, lightworkers, indigo's, crystals, starseeds and everyone else who may identify with any of these.  We are empaths,…

  • Bast Tradition...Feline Magick

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 29

    This group is for those who have a connection with and/or worship the cat goddess Bast. I founded it when I realized I was summoned to care for…

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