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✫☼⭐Paganspace™ Will Always Be Free To Join⭐☼✫
⭐We are a magical, mystical, spiritual community of open minded individuals:
Pagans, Occultists, Heathens, Wiccans, Druids, Mystics, Shamans, Spiritualists, Buddhists, Healers, Seekers, Wanderers, Freethinkers⭐
⭐We welcome those who may be questioning their current path,
that are searching for a new way to nourish their souls⭐
⭐We Do Not Allow Advertising For Other Platforms or Websites⭐
⭐We do not know the owners or the content shared there⭐
⭐If we allow advertising for 1 website then we have to allow everyone to do so⭐
⭐Advertisements for other platforms or websites will be deleted without notice⭐
⭐Our "Midnight Marketplace Group" allows members to sell/buy/trade/auction items.

Handcrafted items, books, tarot cards, jewelry, wood carvings, clothing, etc⭐
⭐No Nudity, No Drama/Judgement, No Bullying/Racism, No Soliciting/Spamming⭐
⭐Discussions and Topics: Herbs/Natural Healing, Paranormal Research/Investigating,
Haunted/Possessed People/Places/Items, Supernatural, Death & The Afterlife⭐
Astrology & Numerology, Free Psychic/Tarot Readings, the Occult & the Cosmos⭐
⭐Share: Recipes, Gardening, Seeds, Harvesting/Cooking/Canning & DIY Crafts⭐
⭐Learn about: History, Gods & Goddesses, Occult, Vampires, Gothic Culture, Animals & Landscape Art, Fantasy & Fae Art, Crystals, Crystals Grids, Candles, 5D, Frequency, Vibration, Chakras, Healing, Meditation, Spirit Animals & Totems⭐
⭐Profanity is allowed when used in moderation⭐
⭐Member Owned Groups & Staff Owned Groups⭐
⭐Group Creation Prices: Moderator Group $5/month - Host Group $10/month⭐
⭐Run your own Community inside your own Group⭐
⭐Group Owners have the option to charge for access to their Groups⭐
⭐Please contact "KAI" regarding the creation of Groups⭐
⭐Admins will delete posts at their own discretion without notice⭐
⭐Soliciting members for dates/money/gifts/nude photos = Banned without notice⭐
⭐Please be respectful of all members and staff at all times⭐
⭐Owners: Kai & Joe: We thank you for joining us⭐
⭐Contact Kai anytime via email --> paganspaceowner@gmail.com ⭐
⭐-)O(-⭐Blessed Be, Cosmic & Divine Blessings, Namaste⭐-)O(-⭐

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