• Christians ignorant of other religions call them Satanic

    2000 years and very little change in the mentality of some Christians.This man's art was depicting Dionysus.  He used him as a metaphor for his fight against alcoholism.The man's art was good enough to be posted in a public square.Complaints by people who didn't know who Dionysus was and that he…

    By Aurelia Pontia

  • Satanism demonolatry qlippoth

    Anybody in Greenville into these things?

    By Clint

  • Being A Shaman........OK?

    I see many folks on here and other groups in their profile and wordings,calling themselves Shamans.....so I'm wondering,if those of you who this is your way,path,choice,ect could tell us a bit more about EXACTLY how you define what a shaman is? My experience is working with Native American shamans…

    By Celticlass...FAERIE QUEEN

  • Welp this is awkward

    It all started when I was hovering over myself as an infant. I saw my life. Whole life... I remember entering my body. I remember all of it.I never had a normal childhood. Talking to people, and things that didn’t exist. I thought I was crazy.When I was 12 I started meditating the blue and white…

    By Mattie

  • Money rituals

    Hello everyone,I am new here and willing to go into money rituals.Can somebody help me please?

    By Agbola Colin's donaldo

  • Death & Resurrection

    Back before 2012 people was getting infected by this odd virus. ZEKA or something like it. I remember my family coming down with the same symptoms that lasted exactly two weeks, where it hits you hard the first week and the second week you start to recover.Suddenly I got hit by this virus, which I…

    By Consuelo Figueroa

  • Judy Satori's April Full Moon Transmission - Boost Your Synchronicity & Serendipity

    Judy Satori's April Full Moon TransmissionI’m Judy Satori, and for the last 20/years Spirit has trained me as a conduit bringing through the “energy words of new creation” a form of Light Language which specifically brings through energy upgrades and DNA codes to activate the Divine Potential…

    By Steven Hutchinson

  • What is your Magickal Name?

    I will find your Magickal/Pagan name for you, just put your birth name , first last and middle name as well, in case I need more letters to find your name......Let's have some fun, I will post your Magickal name here and if you don't want to reveal your name you can mix up your lettersMysteryFOR…

    By Mystery

  • New Wiccan Coven forming in Saint Louis, Missouri

     Well Met!  Person to person call me Jonas, I take the craft name of RootSpiral. I am happy to announce that a new Wiccan Coven is forming in Saint Louis, MO. I am reaching out to anyone located in the Saint Louis greater metro area; we are looking for new members. If you end up deciding that you'd…

    By RootSpiral

  • Wild unknown tarot reading

    so my card readings are usually spot on and dead accurate. However today, my reading was so weird.. I did a three card spread and they all clash with one another.. am I looking at it wrong? Anyone want to shed some insight on it? 

    By Jorja Mae