• Magickal garden to atract Faerie folk

    My mothers yard is very boring grass that does not evenly cover all the soil and its two different kinds all haphazardly populated.I want a beautiful garden that will attract the fair folk and be the kind I always wanted with a celtic knot pentacle hedge and lots of colourful flowers. so far I…

    By Adam Anderson

  • Palmyrene Polytheism

    Can I have information on Palmyrene Paganism, I’ve started to worship the gods Baal Shamin, Aglibôl, and Malekbal. How did the Pantheon work in general and can I have some information on the Palmyrene gods?

    By Polytheist

  • New Moon Power and Friday the 13th

    it's an hour and a half till Friday the 13th, I just had an argument with Haley, She calles both me and My Mother liars in the same sentence.This Followed My telling her "May your day be blessed with good luck tomorrow instead of ill luck" she said she was not superstitious.Is it possible the…

    By Adam Anderson

  • Chronicles of Rural Ambiguity

    I am going to be writing in about some of my adventures (or misadventures) here in the haunted town of Wellsville. I have lived here on and off again for over three years. Currently I live in a tiny cramped apartment across from a hospice house where I infrequently volunteer. Lots of strange things…

    By Elisabeth Cartwright

  • The Revival Of Gaulish Polytheism

    An article by one of Gaulish Polytheism's best and brightest, and yours truly even gets a mention in the links.In this article, Segomâros Widugeni touches on the…

    By Leitonellos Tarvogenos

  • Anyone From Washington State?

    After vast research and consideration, I've decided to move to Washington next summer and be done with Kentucky for good. I like Louisville and all, but oh my allergies...!!! The rednecks here are no picnic either. So yeah, I'm headed to Olympia next summer. Any witches up thataway? Tell me about…

    By Michelle Ransdell

  • A New Blog On Local Gaulish Polytheism

    Slania tê! I've started up a new blog on my Gaulish Polytheist practice. It's still fresh, but more articles are coming.https://nemotarvos.wordpress.com/

    By Leitonellos Tarvogenos

  • Great Horned owl I saw

    Earlier this evening I was on my cell phone talking to a friend I met back in 2012 on paganspace, I went oyt back because Haley and Alex had come out on the front porch and I couldn't hear over Alex trying to yell into my phone. while I was back there I heard the Owls start up just like every night…

    By Adam Anderson

  • House and porch blessing

    Today Haley took Alex to an appointment, after they left I cast a circle and smudged the entire house with white sage I literally put my Goddess playlist on volume 200 shouting as I cast the circle,smudged and called the quarters, while calling the quarters a 2nd time around the  table on yhe porch…

    By Adam Anderson

  • I need some inspiration for ways to Magickally aid myself without it causing harm

    I am currently living in.My Mothers House in Lake Butler,Florida due to her Death on 12 October last year at 12:35 in the morning.An old friend of mine with a Mentally handicapped son is the kind of person who can not let people do anything without yelling "Do this instead of..." no matter what she…

    By Adam Anderson