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RIP Shotgun

This is Shotgun, I rescued him 7 years ago. He had no teeth, front claws, blind in one eye & peed in the toilet, but never made a sound. After having him a few weeks I would hold him and he would wrap his arms around my neck and put his toes into my hair to hold on tight and suck on my cheek bone like he was giving me a sloppy kiss. 

I loved him so much, I can't believe he has gone over the rainbow…


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The White Druids(2)

     The door to the Royal Hall sounded with a boom as it was thrown open suddenly, hasty footsteps following the echo that reverberated across the expanse of the room.

     Several of the more nervous council members jumped with small squeaks, while the generals started, turning abruptly to the disturbance. His Royal Majesty, King Jor'ean of High Peaks, sat calmly in his chair, his dark gray eyes barely moving from the map lying on the table before him.

     "Your Majesty!…


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I am confused. Need some help/opions

So I am confused on what religion I am. Back in HS I was a Pagan...sorta. Then a year later after graduating (so in 09) I change to Satanism after finding out it wasn't what I thought it was, that and a close friend (no thought it was, that and a close friend (no longer friends) was a Satanist. I was one for lets say a year or so. And now I am nothing.

Sometimes I think religion is stupid other times I think religion is ok.

I am kind of weary of religion because I am a gay male…


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Recent News

Dear Everyone

I normally work two hours on Monday at 158 Bakery in South Portland Maine. However a month ago I was offered two more hours as long as I worked four hours in a row. Because of my ADD and social anxiety I had been unable to work more than two hours at a time but recently have managed to concentrate for longer and work four hours on Thursday.

Otherwise I have met a wonderful friend named Dale who's gay like me and have met quite often with him. We meet at least twice a…


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Where the Path Leads

I'm a big believer in listening to intuition. I started my spiritual journey too many years ago to admit, and it's turned into quite the twisty road. I studied occult sciences, shamanism, ancient religions, goddess worship, paganism, wicca, the new age, and many other paths, and each time I learned some of the same lessons, deepened them, added new pieces. 

I think, maybe that's how it's supposed to work. We're like those crabs that glue bits of everything around them…


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shower thoughts

Thoughts from the shower...

Things one could learn from Firefly:

1. Whores are really healers and diplomats.

2. Shepherds CAN guide without sharing their flock's beliefs and without starting wars/media frenzy over said beliefs.

3. Machines are alive and have a spiritual presence. Name them.

4. The statement about geniuses being nuckin futz is true.

5. Enjoy him/her while you can--you never know when a reaver will shoot a pole through their chest.

6. Never regret…


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The White Druids

The Beginning and Workings of a Fantasy. Feel free to critique.


     When the soft breeze tickled his ear with the faint tinkling sounds of her magical voice, Mithial Ringtail smiled softly to himself. His mate never wasted time. He glanced to follow the breeze with his eyes, watching as it found it's way through the battle encampment below them. The hundred thousand or more soldiers that sat…


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Tarot Pete - On The Death Card

"At my age, I'm often asked if I'm frightened of death

and my reply is always,

I can't remember being frightened of birth."

Peter Ustinov…


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Saint Expeditus

I did my very first pray to Saint Expeditus and I am proud and happy to say he came throw for my family and got my father the job I asked for.  It did take a lot of time for him to get it but he finally got it.  So I did give him pound cake and red carnations, and now I am letting his candle burn out.  I don't know if my father would have gotten the job with out him.  My father has been trying for 1yr to get any job but no one would take him because he was over qualified.  But now finally he…


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Selling Paintings

Selling some paintings on Craigslist:

Message me if you have any questions.

Caution, Zombies Ahead 30X26 Mixed Media $75

Lonely Star 19X25 Acrylic $30…


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is it gone?

my bf called out the spirit, in the basement. He suspects it to be his aunt. I'm not so sure. A black cloud hanging out near the bed I sleep in isn't my idea of a good time.

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Precognitive Dreaming

 Precognitive Dreaming is the ability to see the future through your dreams. I have been interested about dreaming and have dreamt since I was able to remember. Thou some people cannot dream, I find my dreams to becoming more vivid and unusual. For instance, I have had many experiences were I would dream and the events that took place in my dream would happen. An example, my boyfriend had been cheating on me and had been with a girl, I had no idea, but I had dreamt that I was going to walk…


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Dancing the Sacred Wheel is nearly ready for pre-orders

It's taken about eight years to write (largely because it was shelved for a while) but my first book, "Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats" is on the verge of going to the printers.  The proofreader is going through the manuscript, the typesetter is doing the layout, my ISBN has arrived and printing quotes have been received.  All exciting stuff.

What has surprised me is thst in the time I have been writing this…


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Why so judgemental..

There is so much hate in this world, because of religion, race, differs of opinions. It is disgraceful. I remember my freshman year of highschool, I was in English and my teacher looked at me, looking at the pentagram I was wearing and approached me. In front of the whole class she said, "Do you know what your wearing?!" I said "yes, of course Im wearing it.." She then began telling me and the class that what I was wearing is evil and that I deserve to wear a "beautiful necklace. I was…


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This is how I describe myself

I am a eclectic pagan

I am spiritual

I practice positive energy

I am a music lover

I am an ordained minister

I am an animal lover

I am a nature lover

I am a polyamorous lover

I am mystical

I am caring

I am strong

I am a leader

With everything that I am, I enjoy life and the friendships I build over the years in this life and once in a while I come across friends from my past as well as I am fully aware of my…


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by Gerina Dunwich

With the exception of love-magick, wish-magick is perhaps the most popular form of white magick practiced in modern times. it is relatively easy to perform, and can be as simple as wishing on a star, breaking a wishbone, or dropping a coin into a fountain or wishing well.

Many magically minded folks firmly believe in the power of the seven-knob candle (or "wish-candle" as it is sometimes called) to make wishes come true. It is a magickal…


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by Victoria Martyn

Who says that magick has to be complex? Here are fifty simple charms that utilize many different common items, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Note: Please do not use any of these charms in place of medical treatment, or when outside help is obviously advisable.

1. Lay thorny branches on your doorstep to keep evil from your dwelling.

2. Eat a pinch of thyme before bed, and you will have sweet dreams.

3. Place chips of cedar…


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The big fat chicken Honey Boo-Boo, "It's payback time!"

Why couldn't I let it go? The thought kept creeping back into my mind as I worked my way down stone to stone on the narrow wooded ridge.

My wife had said it as I walked out the door of our simple country home. I didn't reply, didn't look back. That was three days ago. I was tracking a creature who had done me more injury to pride than body.

I couldn't let it go. The wounds Honey Boo-Boo inflicted hadn't healed yet but the disgrace of being beaten by a 14 pound chicken drove me…


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