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September 2012 Blog Posts (169)

Maybe the man found on the sidewalk was faking or the glory of lying in the City of Sin

By Royal Hopper

You might not admire people who lie well in the face overwhelming evidence they are full of crap but you have to respect the Chutzpah it takes to do it.


A rooftop view of the City of Sin –…


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Still alive and kickin'

Greetings and merry meet to all! 

I hadn't realized how long it's been since I've been on P.S.  Between multiple financial and health problems, and working hard on my second book, "Wiccan Moonlight", I have been quite  busy.

My first book, "Wiccan Shadows" is doing VERY well, has won a number of awards and glowing reviews. I have not yet managed to create a website, but pages can be found on, and  Please feel free to drop by and…


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Handfasting Ceremony 9/22/12

It is done! Wolfwitch and I were bound together for this life and all lives to come this past Saturday during the height of Mabon. It was a wonderful small ceremony where many traditions were present. To appease Gods and Goddesses and the spirits that surround us. Pictures are posted and more will follow as PS allows me to post them. Following is our Invocation, vows and incantational gifts we gave each other. 


Handfasting Invocation 

The sky above us, the earth…


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Read more here


Adeimantus thought that the enquiry would be of great service to us.

Then, I said, my dear friend, the task must not be given up, even if somewhat long.

Certainly not.

Come then, and let us pass a leisure hour in story-telling, and our story shall be the education of our heroes.

By all…


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A gift from the Heart - My Magickal Box

Hello all - I have a new blog up @ RavensWing Musing....feel free to read!!


And if you are blogger I would LOVE it if you followed :)



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Adam's Grave? Ledgen or fact

Keep in mind this is unfinished - been working on this for at least a year now. posting it to refresh my minds path on what I was looking to convey

In 1868, German-American adventurer Heinrich Schliemann arrived at Troy’s location. Before this, it was thought that Troy was only a…


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Traditional Lore: This is a perspective that consists entirely of esoteric knowledge, occult liturgies, magickal or mystical rites and subjective or experiential commentaries. The only way that an individual can acquire this knowledge is to be indoctrinated or initiated into a very specific tradition, and then incrementally taught various “inside” lore, usually by…


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  3 of Wands - the insight     So, one day about 3 weeks ago I had a vision, I was standing on a cliff overlooking a bay of water, off in the distance, just to the right there was a sail boat, I reme…


3 of Wands - the insight



So, one day about 3 weeks ago I had a vision, I was standing on a cliff overlooking a bay of water, off in the distance, just to the right there was a sail boat, I remember a overwhelming feeling pouring over me that it is…


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welcoming Autumn

Autumn Calls a Prologue to Fall
Settle into setting Sun, calling leaves, day diminishing.
Secret scent sings of grail quests, reveals synchronicities.
Gathering hunters sense frenzied victory, pray to…

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Tomorrow you’ll die

Death is an illusion. Death is actually an interval between two states or planes of consciousness. Matter is neither created nor destroyed; it only changes form. Death is therefore a Change or transformation, which is essential for the renewal of energy (the life force) and spiritual growth, a process similar to a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. Attachment to the material form (the Physical body) causes fear of death. There is much superstition, fear and ignorance among people…


Added by Sapphire on September 22, 2012 at 12:33pm — 2 Comments

Great Spiritual Teachers

Great Spiritual Teachers have always counseled humanity that the world has meaning. Our soul has descended from the divine, and it has come here with an attainable purpose - a need for worldly experience, spiritual awakening, and perfection, before it returns once again to the divine. They tell us that the visible world is grounded in a higher order of reality, which is the source of life and life’s meaning, and which is only accessible through higher levels of Mind.

This, of course,…


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The truth shall set you free

Honesty is being sincere, truthful, trustworthy, honorable, fair genuine and loyal, along with the absence of lying, cheating, or theft. The truth shall set you free. This statement is so true. Honesty has many valuable attributes. On a personal note honesty has taught me to be honest with my feelings, as well as how to deal with my feelings in the moment. Consequently, honesty taught me to be aware of the consequences to my actions. In addition, being honest has prevented me from bottling…


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A Life of Success Through Overcoming Fear

Living a life without self-confidence or good self-esteem is one common way that others allow fear to “rule the show” in their lives. Fear is a concept, which indeed means many different things to many different people. However, most often the individual gives little thought (if any) to whether or not fear may be at work distorting perceptions from within the psychological and emotional being.

Ask any human being alive if they would like to have a life, which is greater, and more…


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The following articles have been taken from local news archives:

Original article:

April 30, 1979

Asotin girl, 12, missing

ASOTIN - An Asotin County sheriff's posse launched a search for a 12-year-old Asotin girl who disappeared Saturday night.

The missing girl is Christine White, daughter of Betty Eminger. Her stepfather, Mick Eminger, said the girl was last reported seen around 7 or 8 Saturday night at the Asotin County Fair.

She was riding a white…


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Haunting of Lewiston Civic Theater, Lewiston, Idaho

Lewiston Civic Theater Haunting

     The Lewiston Civic Theatre, at 805 Sixth Avenue in Lewiston, Idaho, is housed in the historic Bollinger Performing Arts Center, named for the famous opera singer, Anne Bollinger. A native of Lewiston, she gained an international reputation. The theater has been in this gothic stone structure for over thirty years, and once shared the building with a church. That didn't protect it from a killer.

     In 1982, about ten years after the…


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Happy/Merry Mabon!

And a happy Autumn Equinox! May the bounty of fall be yours, may the celebrations be grand, and may the weather finally be getting cooler lol!  Another event reminder: the 3rd Annual Pagan Podkin Supermoot is in just two weeks, so if you're in CA and can join in, or can still somehow make it from elsewere, and want to meet and greet some of your…


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My current Goal

I made the realization that if I ever wanted to see a movie based on a Myth (other than Greek), witchcraft, intro to festivals around the world, interviews with covens and authors, see a Biopic of a Pagan Elder treated reverently and not mocked then I would have to do it myself Independent Filmmaker style...problem is though I have the skills - I have over 20 years of costume design, study, and execution, and a BA in visual effects and motion graphics and about 4 years of production…


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Looking into the wonders ahead

September 22, 2012 at noon, Mabon, I get to marry my soulmate, the woman that I have been with over 1000 years, after all the lifetimes that we have spent together we can finally be bound together in society's eyes and by those laws. I am the first (according to our officiant Carol Spicer) to challenge the laws of New York, city of Buffalo in being a transgender woman to marry under the equality marriage act. I am doing…

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Fairy tales today

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Understanding the thoughts and emotions that went intot he development of fairy tales can be challenging at best but a good understanding Cross-Cultural psychology is still important to understanding fairy tales. It’s extremely important to note that this does not mean psychoanalytic is important. The work of Freud and Jung have been shown time and time again to be false. They put too much stock into there being specific deep seated thoughts which all people had…


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There was a belief

Part of the definition often given for fairy tales is that they aren’t religious in nature, but how true is this? For while it’s certain that many of them exist purely for entertainment can any fairy tale of Jesus be completely non-religious in nature? How about folktales with characters which used to be religious? No matter how non-religious fairy tales may same they can still show what people believed and what they used to believe.

There was a belief that at least once upon a time…


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