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Your Warranty is About to Expire!

I know that at least 99% of people in the United States has recieved phone calls about thier warranty on thier car. My phone rings off the hook with junk like this one.

Well I had had a very bad day this past week so I answered the call and decided to call the number. Not that my car has a warranty but mainly because I had been bothered all day by other peoples foolishness and I was feeling a little mean.

The phone rang and a young sounding man answered the phone. I explained that I… Continue

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Connection Between the Therian and the Empathic Healer

A Therian is essentially a person whose spirituality is deeply connected with that of an animal; a melding of two souls, the human and the animal, together. A person does not learn to be therian, nor become one out of want or wishing, but is born one.

The Therian is a store house of energy, and, unlike the psy-vamp, does not need to feed off energy on a daily basis, or risk illness or lethargy. Replenishment of energy is achieved with rest or a basic meal; there is no need to seek a… Continue

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Need suggestions ASAP.

Sorry to sound urgent. I'm going to a Halloween party tomorrow night, & I'm in charge of making a mix cd to play. It needs to be a fairly big mix, but I'm out of ideas. I have quite a few songs already, though. So, any suggestions are great.

It doesn't have to be Halloween-themed music, it just needs to have a good beat to it that would work for a party. I'm pretty much looking for mainly rock songs (all types). So far I've got some five finger death punch, rob zombie, disturbed,… Continue

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Happy Samhain/Happy Halloween

Hello. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween/Samhain. I carved two pumpkins and I'm getting ready for tomorrow. I still have to see if it's going to rain tomorrow and whether or not I can put up the outside decorations. I don't think I'm going to the Samhain ritual on November 1st. I haven't been feeling too good lately and my stomach has been acting up. I had an upset stomach today so for the next few days I'm going to take it easy. Have a Blessed and safe Halloween/Samhain.

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Yeah, I'm that awesome!

Just wanted to give anyone who cares an update on school. I finished my intro to massage I course on Monday and our big test was handed back. I got all the answers right!!!! And for my stellar performance, my teacher gave me a set of flannel sheets to use on my massage table!! I gave my mom a full body massage the other night and she almost fell asleep several time. Lol! Next week I don't have classroom time because it's going to be spent in our student full body massage clinic from 2:30 until… Continue

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It's Samhain

As much as I am dreading the cold of winter, I am enjoying the fall. Most of the leaves has changed, bright yellows, orange, red and rusty browns. They lay on the streets like a blanket, their colors look as if they were brushed in wide strokes as if they were painted by Monet or Renior.

Samhain reminds me of the cycle of the seasons, shedding the old to make way for the new.

Happy Samhain everyone

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Why Trick-or-Treating Is Better Than Sex

If you get a stomach ache, it won’t last nine months.

If you wear a chicken suit, no one thinks you’re kinky.

The uglier you are, the easier it is to get some.

They won’t think you’re a whore if you do the entire neighborhood.

You are guaranteed to get a little something in the sack.

It’s o.k. if you call your neighbors wife, an ugly witch.

It… Continue

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*Jack-o-lantern* repost

An online friend sent this cute poem to everyone and I liked it so much that I wanted to copy it to here for others to read... different photo though*

"Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern,

You are such a funny sight.

As you sit there by the window,

Looking out into the night.

You were once a sturdy pumpkin,

growing on a curly vine.

Now you are a Jack-o-lantern,

See your night lights shine."…


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Walking the Red Road October 30

Walking the Red Road October 30 ₪

I am the Maker of heaven and earth, the trees, lakes, rivers, and all things else. I am the Maker of Mankind; and because I love you, you must do my will...


On This Date in Native American History

October 30, 1990: Congress enacted the Native American Languages Act, admitting that "... there is a widespread practice of treating Native… Continue

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Its Friday, need a laugh?


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Take a Medicine Walk - How To

Take a Medicine Walk - How To

Adapted from The Findhorn Book of Connecting with Nature, by John R. Stowe (Findhorn Books, 2003).

One of the oldest ways that human beings have sought insight and self-awareness is by turning to the living world. The medicine walk is a simple technique to help you do the same. Traditionally, the medicine walk might last a full day or longer and include fasting from food in order to increase personal clarity. But you can learn the process in a much… Continue

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Finding the healer within yourself

Finding the healer within yourself

Webster's): Heal: 1a. to make sound or whole. 1b. to restore to health 2a. to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome: MEND. 2b. to patch up a breach or division. 3. to restore to original purity or integrity; to return to a sound state. Healer: one that heals.

What are Healers? , what is healing?

Healers are people who act as catalysts to connect people and other beings to their own ability to make themselves whole ,healthy,… Continue

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Soul mates and Soul Groups

Soul mates and Soul Groups

The word "soul mate" is often misused to describe a romantic true love who is destined to be reunited with you from spirit in a loving relationship.

In fact, a true soul mate can be a mother, brother, father...it actually means that we have a deep spiritual connection on any of the levels of love, including that of family or friendship as well as romance.

The usual "soul mate" is used to describe an ultra-compatible partner in a… Continue

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The Moon And Mythology

The Moon And Mythology

O Lady Moon, your horns point toward the east;

Shine, be increased,

O' Lady Moon, your horns point toward the west;

Wane, be at rest.'

- Christina Rossetti

The Moon makes a complete orbit around the Earth in approximately 28 days. As it makes this orbit, it guides the tides, stabilizes Earth's rotation, makes changes in the subtle energy of the planet and causes changes to all life on Earth.

Tides are created… Continue

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NaWhateverWriMo, or Why Carey's Busy Right Now

Throwing this out here before November starts...

I'm taking a month to crank out a lot of writing for a book. Because it's a convenient month to do so (apart from hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our family and a handful of in-laws) because other people are writing books, too. The NaNoWriMo thing has some structure and motivation and such. I'm not writing a novel, I'm writing a... text book? Reference book? Thingy. Non-fiction. I'll let the publishers sort out the Dewey Decimal… Continue

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Pagan Lore for Today, October 30

Each year on this date, the Angelitos festival is held in Mexico to bless the souls of deceased children and to honor Xipe-Totec (the ancient god of death) and Tonantzin (the Guadualupe goddess of mercy).

On this day, write a secret wish on a piece of dried mandrake root. Burn it at the stroke of midnight in a fireproof container and then go outside and cast the ashes to the wind as you say thrice: "Spirits of fire, spirits of air; grant this secret wishing-prayer. Let the ashes of… Continue

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~crone wisdom~

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. …


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In the Mind

I think about things to be grateful for. Lately I traded in my pentacle for a less offensive symbol

Here is why I did this I hope many others can see the value in this and try a similar trick on their stupid xian neighbors and Kin .

I’m grateful for My state symbol because as a witch a circled star of any kind is a symbol of my religion. A pentacle is frowned upon, but a solid circled star barely draws a second glance. Or even… Continue

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Pagan Spirit Webzine Edition 6 Samhain

Pagan Spirit Webzine Edition 6 Samhain

http://paganspiritwebzine.pagansoftheworld.com PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FORWARD


EARTH ATTACKS MOON By Mama Donna Henes, Urban Shaman

Well, we Earthling Moon-Watchers built ourselves some really tall trees so that we could get to the moon. Rocket-propelled trees to carry us through space. And so we got to the moon.

Something… Continue

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