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November 2009 Blog Posts (486)

thought of the week 11-2-9

i have felt for yrs a shifting within my own spirit and that of the world its liek wacthing a tidle wave comeing right at you all ya can do is anchore yourself and let it roll over you washing all the impurities and things of this world away leaving you striped of things not needed in the end i know all i can take with me is what i came with (my spirit/soul )

as we move into this transition i get the feeling that this is going on accross the universe and possable the multi verse my… Continue

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First Morning of a New Cycle

I made an extra effort to make sure I had the time set correctly before I went to bed. With the time change taking effect, I didn't want to have the alarm go off and find that I had slept through sunrise.

Last night, I spent part of the night thinking about how I've come to this particular point in my life, and all of those people who have walked along my journey's path through it all. This morning, I do what I've done every year after Samhain: I got up before the dawn, made my… Continue

Added by TommyElf on November 1, 2009 at 9:18am — 2 Comments

The Constellation of Omens for your E-Book Reader

The Constellation of Omens: The Signs of the End of the World by Deborah Simpson. $5.99 from

Government. Disasters. The New World Order. Salvation. In her classic, uninhibited style, Simpson delves into some of the most prevalent and bleak…


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absence time 2010-01-04 until 2010-04-20

all pagans

i m absence 2010-01-03 until 2009-04-01

in asia for my business

for understanding in this time

i m abroad 2010-01-03 until 2009-04-01

i can t not write about slow internet in asia

blessed be all pagans

and happy new year

from arto (;)


English: Merry Christmas! And Happy New… Continue

Added by pagan Arto on November 1, 2009 at 4:00am — No Comments

Wondering Which Way

I feel kind of lost; yet on the right track at the same time. A weird sensation. I'm at a crossroads and I have the time to choose my path. I hate choosing a path because I feel like I'm going to miss something by not taking the path I didn't chose. I've always had that problem. :) I have six months left before my contract with the hospital I work for is over. I have several options to work with. My main goal is to get my education paid off in the next 5 years or less...I would really prefer to… Continue

Added by Allie on November 1, 2009 at 3:09am — 1 Comment

Old Witch Spells and other book reviews

The other night we had alot of fun with some friends trying to come up with some different spells. They didn't all work, but that is okay because we had a laugh out of it.

We then bought a book to help us out which was very interesting called "Old Witch" - which can be found at : . It has different spellis in from Old Witches. We were so interested in some new… Continue

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