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The cross over point of human origins utter silence something so amazing yet of ghostly origin a kind of haunting journey from the cradle to the cemetery scared of our own mortality a disease stricken mass of reproduction a flesh and blood person,part of a minority that still exist today,god has no compassion it is a force of chance variation and numeral logical averages life is what you make it,action and reaction cause and effect are all laws of nature argument was will the Earth…


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Cosmic strings

The vessel a soul galleon that very eye solar ship of worship a micro black light sphere illuminates as it reaches this atmosphere creative idea mass variation sets movement gravity of individual species forever promises, may the guardians awaken reverse the evil upon our lands divine parents forsake me cry to eternity body being cut to pieces by razor sharp edges,an infinity there conscience to face your demons if they win you become an animal no more…


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Close My Eyes

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Amulets and Talismans

This week's show is dedicated to a specific part of the World of Magick; Amulets and Talismans.


What's so great about talismans, or amulets? Simply the fact that they've always been around and we use them to this very day. In fact people in mainstream religions knowingly use them.


To start we're going to try to delinate the difference between an amulet and a talisman. Then we'll look at examples of amulets and talismans down the ages.




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By Invitation Only. By;- Mike j Hughes-

By Invitation Only. By;- Mike j Hughes- ‎14/‎12/‎2013

There are issues to be addressed concerning man's mindless ambitions to venture forth into forbiddeneven within our own solar system..

As we know there are - so-called ''great plans'' to send a…


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Spider web

Planetary factory reproduction replacing the core of nature haunted mental abilities bowing of a ship heavy water woven mortal fabric vessels versus nationality gravity silent virtue a paddling puzzle waiting praying healing the night passing unclear obscure forever an adventurer galleon of lost souls and salvation. those that never found harbor hanging normal savage recital the portal this gravity universe to be eliminated sinking circuit kinetic creator a…


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& You Know

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Faerie Garden

This is the year for my to learn about and connect with faeries, I believe. It started with a telesummit in October online for 2 weeks where I learned tons of information about how to respect them, know who they are, how to work with them, etc. Then that same month, I had a tarot reading to have faeries as my yearly topic to learn about. So with all this confirmation coming at me, I knew they were sending a message to me.

Since Spring (well almost Summer now) is here, I made the time…


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Soul synthetic sphere of fabric it began to travel as you all do furthering into the sleep sequence stopped in fear holy mountain a volcano fragments invasion a horizon light petrifies everything logical imagination the Earth's foundation this was as a teenager it does not mean the same as getting older where it takes a miracle just to stay alive strength of character to think one day it be over,a circular accelerated gravity field escaping by photosynthesis into the Earth's magnet…


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No Retreat

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It is formed by people dreaming or the dead uttering friction and destruction to say souls create lightning or those in transition screaming an axis pressure variation accordant to the planet's rotation that is synchronized by the quartz pulse of all living forms and the construct of our earth bad weather is caused by the gravitational wobble means we are falling out of orbit not a subject thought about since before building of monuments if the earth…


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The gddess of the milky way and the death and rebirth of the sun

The egyptian goddess Nuit was the personification of the milky way. She was Said to have swallowed the sun during winter and reborn it at spring. If you look at the throat and vocal cords they resemble the female reproductive Organs, which are the mouth and Vulva of the goddess.



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Factual and supernatural part to just relay encyclopedia diary text information definition of pagan means country to make fast well being ritual as a perspective of good conversation understanding thou shall not kill was changed to thou shall not murder meaning it is alright to kill animals i think this is ridiculous,another haunting question that is it ineffable mystery why do living forms grow old and reproduce creates that comedy in animal expression to understand anything as…


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So glad for Summer

I know it isn't quite there by the calendar but my spring semester is over and I don't return to the classroom until the end of August. As soon as I shed the regalia necessary for graduation ceremonies, I have spent every possible moment sky-clad.

It was an incredibly cold and snowy winter here in the upper reaches of New York, with a total of 135 inches of snow by the time it stopped in April. Now, I can enjoy the 90 degree days because I am not cooped up in my "business casual"…


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The mythological / personified Bad & Evil of the World is THEATRE!

Pure theater!


Consider this, if all Atoms/Elemental-Matter never dies and never ends because in fact, they only always simply change, transform and they…


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Sumerian Creation myth/ ripples of water


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A submerged universe a life that is happening in the past and in the future.woven into this a perception vision of sentiment a definite meaning action reaction intelligence and stupidity the gullible clerical lays down a part of society ineffable curtain makes reaction of particular ideas.taunted by cruel infants forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.When they came to the place called The Skull, there they crucified…


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Flower Moon

Flower Moon, Corn Moon, Milk Moon, call it what suits you best, but Grandmother Moon was big and beautiful last night coming over the Eastern horizon. Father Sun kicked my ass yesterday. I spent a good part of the day working outside and it has been hotter than normal for May where I live. Father Sun is in full control of the sky over Texas. His heat and light have taken over the sky during the day. But while walking home last night, Grandmother Moon was a welcome sight. Mother Earth’s…


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Go to sleep Amber

Yo it's been a busy couple days but I was doing yoga with Lord Shiva earlier and then I got a message from the Universe so I'm here to share it:

To love the Self is to love God. 

I truly believe it, too — the Spirit of God is alive, shining in everything, as everything. We are all reflections of God, and our love a reflection of their love. And the more we practice…


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