So Linda (the one who had passed away recently) husband dropped off all of her books, oils, incense, and candles to me. I can't believe she still has my old BOS that she made for me, and she even finished it off for me too! there are also a couple other ones she started. A few books by Silver Ravenwolf...I guess Linda favoured her. There were also 2 new blank leather bound journals. I feel so blessed to have been given these. I will take good care of them!

 I was also looking at a journal where Linda and I wrote out our wishes in Theban alphabet. I had to interpret mine because I just had to know what it was for I had forgotten all these years...this was from 2002. My wish was for my baby (I was prego at the time) to be a boy. And well, I got my boy! hahaha weird!

While my twin and I were going through the box of items the lights in my whole appartment were flickering, which has never happened before. We said thank you to Linda. I bet all that stuff has all her energies in it.....I cant stop looking at my old BOS lol so weird I dont remember half of the stuff I put into it...oh memories!!

RIP Linda )O(

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