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"As I woke up from a dream, I felt an eerie feeling like I was floating; I seemed to be outside of myself. I turned around and saw myself standing over my stone and straw bed and was surprised to see myself sleeping peacefully. I had been a conjurer and wizard for many years and had transformed myself many times while in the state of euphoria but it was I who always had control and always from a waking state; this was different so very different.

I walked over to the table and picked up an old quill to write something, but put it down realizing I was only seeing if I had the ability to touch and feel thy objects around me.

I heard a calling, so softly coming from the dense woods behind the stone dwelling which was build within the hollow of a cave in the northern highlands of Scotland, which I called home for so many years.

The voice was like angles to my ears and drew every piece of my body and soul towards it. I walked out the door and into the clearing in my nightshirt and in a translucent dreamlike state I moved towards the voice and beautiful music.

As I was drawing nearer my thoughts went back to when she left me, when I sat beside the bed of my love almost one hundred years ago and she smiled and whispered to me not to be sad but to live, love life and continue to be guided by my spiritual love; it was on this very day at almost this very time that she left this place and travelled beyond the hill, over the mountains and into the next existence to wait for me. It hurt but her last words held comfort for me all these many years; she said " I will be there waiting for you until the end of time my love".

In all, that was so many years ago, I surprised many people by continuing my work and never finding another, but of late I have grown tired and weary; again the sound is becoming so luring and strange. My mind is wandering to the wonderful things our life was about, the memories kept alive by the strong love we shared; and it was a true sharing.

I looked up and stopped; in front of me was the voice, the music and the woman I have longed for these many years; her radiance and beauty rushed me into tears, a calm came over me which whisked away the ages, she was 20 again; she wiped my tears and softly whispered her love; than I knew the truth; it was time for me to go and be with my lifelong love and go I will with no regrets.

As I touched her hand I saw myself seem to be twenty again as we walked off into to the mist I knew that I would enjoy an eternity of love and happiness.

We floated away so very far into the heavens watching the place in the side of the hill gracefully disappear; waiting for someone new to occupy itʼs sturdy walls.

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Comment by Siiri on January 31, 2008 at 6:37pm
I'm hoping the heavens are as wonderful as they seem in this piece of work. There is someone that we all wait for, and is waiting for us.:)


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