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A Deep Release Meditation For Stress Relief

Here’s a way to release daily stresses and concerns while establishing inner strength. Or, take it a step further for some inner-explorative experiences.
This technique is not religious and requires no meditation experience.
Have a seat anywhere you like, and make yourself comfortable with your back straight and erect, you can cross your legs if you wish. Make sure your environment is fairly quiet and you won’t be disturbed for the next 15 minutes.
Rest your hands wherever you like and close your eyes. Take in some slow, deep breaths. Relax your shoulders and any other place there might be tension.
Now, imagine that you – the real you – are made of energy, and this energy controls the body. That is, you tell it what to do and it responds.
The ‘real you’ wishes to take a breather from all the stresses and complexities of the world and rediscover true inner-strength and clarity. (If this is hard to imagine, get ready for a surprise.)
Now, imagine you are sitting on the green banks of a meandering stream on a bright sunny morning. I want you to take something that is on your mind, a concern, and place it in the river. Like a paper boat, see this issue float downstream and out of sight.
Continue to place items in the river. Your goal is to release everything you can. As new items emerge in the mind simply place them in the river.
Your mind will begin to become quieter and quieter. – enjoy the silence.
Taking it further
This by itself will create peace and many other benefits both mentally and physically. But you can take this a bit further if you wish.
By learning to release more completely you will discover deeper peace and clarity and other profound experiences.
This is about a desire to truly shed everything, and discover what is beyond worldly awareness.

This is how: after releasing some basic issues, begin to let go of more and more; every thought, every awareness, whatever enters your consciousness. This would be things like the awareness of the room you are sitting in, your breathing, or all awareness of your body.
These kinds of typical awarenesses always keep your mind tied down in the same old mindset. By releasing them, you are directing your mind to experience something new and different.
Where you go is up to you, your intent. My advice is to expect nothing; you´ll get the purest experiences without expectation.
Let me quickly clarify that this is perfectly safe. The body will continue to operate normally without your mind´s attention, as you would during sleep.
Use a mindset that will assist and fuel you. Your intense personal desire to explore yourself, or the need for escape or respite will be like rocket fuel for your mind. “Knock and the door will be opened”.
A lot of exciting things can happen at this point, and I am tempted to express some of them, but this is where I must end the lesson. Give it a try tonight.
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