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a vision during (and corresponding) to intercourse

well ill try to be skip the dirty details but this is an experience i really felt like sharing and getting feedback on. As it says on my profile i am engaged to a man. I am still finding myself and do not as of now practice a religion or am i part of a coven. Id like to change these things of course. Anyways...this is a sexual experience that i had some months ago and do forget some finer the sex is not the main focus lol

One night my energy was very strong and i felt more awakened..i felt..very good lol i kept hearing bits and pieces of a women talking to me and small visions of a fire. my fiance was spending the night with me...and we wound up making love...i was pregnant at the time. As he ...erm well performed oral on me i found myself falling into this meditative state while still feeling the pleasure. I had this vision..that got more intense as i fell into it of the same fire. It was nighttime as was the vision...i was in the woods with other women and we were having this ritual. This one women was leading the rest it seemed to me and she was the only one i saw clearly in the firelight. she was thin with long loose flowing brown hair and mostly naked..i recall tattoos on her arms i think. She made love to me for this ritual....and talked to me about the sacred marriage...( only remember bits and pieces of what she said) "you are the goddess and i hath created you"...she called me chalice holder . As i got closer to orgasm the more intense the vision was if this woman was really making love to me. I could hear the other women chanting and surrounding us..participating in the ritual. When i came...the vision slowly ebbed away..i tried to refocus on it and grasp it but it was gone. 

I am not quite certain what this whole experience meant and would like some feed back and insight on it.   

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Comment by Ms.Pouncer-Curiousier&Curiousier on August 29, 2012 at 1:37am

More often than not the things we see in visions like that are more symbolic than literal. Occassionally we are able to tap into a past life. typically when one is drawn to the occult, they tend to have past life visions of an intense ceremony. It very well could be that your stars for that energy aligned again.

Try this one.... one night before 'bed' I see a tall shadowy figure slip into my room with me as I closed the door, and it stood infront of my dresser. I payed no mind to it... just more so of a 'huh, wonder what this one wants?' and crawled in bed. Lets just say it was the most intense and 'different' from what I was used to. My man smelled different, he kissed different, and made sounds I hadn't heard from him before... or since............ it was like he was possessed by this (incubus??) and the weirdest part was if I looked into his face I saw a shadowy 'demonic' type face on top of his.......
Now.... what would you make of that? lol (I mean not that I was complaining lol)


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