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A Warning to my Co-worker for her Mean Spirited Actions

To thee who tries to bring me down,
woe to you, brave one,
my ferocity shall make you undone

Negative is always a bad thing,
even when pointed away from thee,
excuses, excuses,
thee shall be the one in a bad light

When the deed is done,
and you have gone on,
to your pathetic life,
and your small world,
and I shine on
for my meaning does not lie here,
within useless work and useless tasks,
mundane and angry,
you endure all for nothing,
nothing at all.

Well, I feel better now having used my frustration and upset feelings from the terrible way in which my co-worker chose to try to indite me for my mistakes in a public fashion for an artistic and meaningful poem. I feel better just reading it through and letting my emotions pour out. Yes, I think I am going about this in the right way, leaving her to her misery without any satisfying reaction from me would probably be the most infuriating thing of all to her.

Sadly, I wish I could do bad things to her, but my own conscience will not allow it. But I am doing the right thing about this, at least, by not choosing to think angry thoughts and hope bad things happen to her. Instead, I will allow her own negative actions and thoughts take their toll on her in the slow insidious way in which they seem to work.

Monday is gone, and Tuesday remains with all the nastiness that Monday usually holds, plus Tuesday in there for good measure. A tough day for all, I'm sure.

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