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A Word Of Advice! if I may be so bold

Father Sun you sure can Blaze! It's hot! Thanks Mother for the dry weather.

You know, I quit taking my medication (I'm BiPolar) about a month ago. I have been takin this stuff for about 15 years. I wasn't so bad back then when I decided to do something about the lows, well baby when they did come back, What A downer! Over this nice weekend (for those that didn't have to deal with me) I must have hit the ultimate withdrawal. I had waves of anger like even I had never experienced before. My poor SO had the unfortunate pleasure of bein within earshot. I said things that even I couldn't believe I was sayin, but I couldn't stop myself. Then I would have periods of levelness where I would just hate myself for everything I had just said. I finally had to go into the spare bedroom close the door and fight back my anger. I was there for about 3 hours, hadn't had an anger attack in 2 of em, so I thought it was safe to come out into the public. This was good for a coupla more hours, then the anger started to build again. I could actually feel my mood changin, I never had this feeling in my whole life, the Serotonin must have been spurtin instead of a steady flow. Fortunately, I still have some meds, so instead of goin thru this roller coaster ride, I took a dose. When I got up this mornin I took another dose, things are a lot better now, whew. I actually thought I was goin insane when I was experiencing these swings, I had all kindsa thoughts goin thru my head, good, bad, moderate, I had feelings that people were plottin against me, who? I dunno, it didn't make any sense. I guess what I'm tryin to say here is, if your on BiPolar meds and wanna quit usin em, make sure it's done w/your docs involvement, maybe even a rehab center eh. As for myself, I'm just gonna have to keep takin my meds!


Blessings All!

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