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When I'm alone

People don't talk to me.

Even though they see me

I'm afraid to have friends.

And even though I'm invisible to the

world I can't stand it.

I'm alone I walk alone

I dance alone and I act alone

I try to be --- like everybody

but I don't fit in --- cause I'm all alone.

Why am I afraid of getting lost

maybe I feel theirs no cause.

But maybe people don't talk to me

I wish.

if this world could see me as me but not as me.

Written by Christopher Haehnel


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Comment by CrystalLotus on June 29, 2011 at 1:25pm
Thank you for sharing this.  You know, a person very close to me used to feel the same way, and then he realized that he had gotten used to being "cloaked" as it were.  He thought people were ignoring him, but then he changed his energy and people suddenly began engaging him everywhere he went.  If you do spell work, perhaps you can do one that is designed to make you more visible to those around you.  You sound very nice.


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