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Hello and welcome to Ancient Egypt!

Let start of with one of the most important things for the Egyptians: this was the Nile River- this theory as coined by Sir Flinders Petrie. 

The Pharaoh was like a God. And their divinity was expressed in terms of relationship with the cheif god or pantheon.

Key words to remember: 

Ka= Life force of self. 

Ba= To be reunited with ones Ka.

Religious beliefs:

Funerary rites

There was a belief in life after death. This did not hold the idea that you would change who you are now in your new life. For example you would not become hugely rich and famous in say your second life, you would in a sense have the same type of job etc. Because of this the ancient Egyptians would prepare for life after death, and that is where the idea of the Egyptian mummies come in. When you died you heart would be weighed and what things you did good in your life time or what bad thjings would be judged by the goddess Maat. Osiris, the god of death would also be present as well as the sun god Ra (Re) and Anubis the god who was in charge of guiding the death into the after life. The Egyptian believed that one side of the Nile was for the living and the other side was for the dead, the living would be on the side of the in which the sun would rise and the otherside which those who had pasted on would be where the sun sets. Because of this they believed that the sun god Ra would be born and then would die again in the evening.

"with out the Nile you don't have life". Basically means that the Nile was everything to the Egyptiansm, this is because it feed their crops for food and it was their water source, as well as their line of trade. 

 So in that case there is another part to come on the ancient Egyptians, for this blog I wanted it to be about the importance of the Nile and the rites and gods contributing to everyday life. 

I have you all have a good week and gods be good and blessed be!!


Image Below: The anual flooding of the Nile.

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