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About a week ago I blogged here asking for a group wish and/or spell for my lonely friend, King Richard a handsome draft horse, left for almost a year to languish by himself. Several pagans, wiccans, witches responded that they'd send good energy toward King Richard. A real group, one thought energy proved successful. Magic manifested for today when visiting him - voila! a paddock mate. Thank you, thank you for all who turned their thoughts to King Richard. I prayed to the horse goddess, Epona, about three months ago and she indeed sent help - in pagan space. King Richard remains cranky to the new young horse, 'don't you dare eat my apple,' he said with ears laid flat back. The young guy squeled, kicked back and ran away for a sec before venturing back to me and the apples. I fed both treats, carefully avoiding King's bad manners. But, in time, I know King will feel safer with his new paddock mate - or I hope so! Update later. Blessed be, my pagan space friends.

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