'Cailleach' by Richard de Graeme:

Winter howls and wind does moan
With Cailleach’s  frost is sown.
The Blue Hag  the ground in grief.
Her youth has fallen like the leaf.
Line of face and frozen breast,
No warmth, no milk to suckle the rest.

With this loss the tempests rage.
Creatures crawl from shallow grave.
The Darkness grows, Life stretches thin.
Tomorrow’s Hope was gathered in.
Stay inside by hearth, with kin.
Wild Hunt outside, the savage din.

More than this will not be seen
‘Til the Wheel of Light turns again.
Count the seeds, the bounty of Fall.
Imbolc’s plan will feed us all.

Shivering herd on cloven hoof,
Shelter strong and solid roof.
Lift our Spirit and gird our loins
‘Til Brigid’s Fire in Spring reborn.

Source: http://thegoddesshouse.blogspot.com/2012/06/season-of-cailleach.html

Image: Ceann Caillí ('Hag's Head'), the southernmost tip of the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. One of many locations named for the Cailleach.

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