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Raven Kindred North had it's annual blot to the, honored dead, the Chosen Slain of Freyja and Odin; the Einjahar.

(Details and Blot report at

My take: it was Awesome. (Go figure.) Awe defined in the old fashion; to inspire and make you think.

Einjahar is made-up whole cloth. While we do have plenty of toasts to the Ancestors in the lore, a specific Blot to the chosen of the Gods... Not so much. Einjahar is an American creation. I say that with pride.

Asatru is a warrior religion. Period. (Show me a God of combat and I will show you the pantheon.) One does not have to be one to believe in the Gods. Which is a good thing as 99% of the Asatru I know do not meet the Laugh Test for being a Full-Time, armed and ready-to-kill person. That said, each of us can do our part and be ready to act. We do not have to kill in our society. But we should be aggressive in our lives and be ready.
"No honor was gained from the bench."

And we can certainly heap Honor on those who have fought for our freedom. The tree of freedom is watered with the blood of patriots. It is the least we can do is to honor their memory. My kin read off the names of the dead who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. (And while I am blindingly hateful of the war, I do have the deepest of respect for those who volunteered to fight.) We read off some of the stories of those who earned the Medal of Honor for their actions. There was not a dry eye in the assembled.

The Symbel of the horn passed around three times brought stories of praise for the Gods, those war-time heros and ancestors of yore.

Now, that's religion as it should be.

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Comment by Maris Hellfaerie (Maire) on November 30, 2009 at 12:54am
"No honor was gained from the bench." O.o Poets, writers, musicians, lawspeakers?


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