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Stars travel in groups or streams, moving through space in the same direction. Our sun with many other stars travel together in the Canopus Stream. The Ursa Major Stream contains Sirius A and B, and the Big Dipper, as well as about 160 other major stars and their companions. Because of their position at the very head or leading edge of this stream all reside within an arm of the Milky Way Galaxy one of the vastest stars known in the galaxy, Betelgeuse. A supergiant radiating unbelievable amounts of heat and energy at a distance of, fortunately for us, 520 light years, Betelgeuse knows no equal in sheer volume or area of influence. Over 160 million suns could nestle themselves within its stellar bodybroadcasting itself via radio waves, it’s the "loudest" star we know of, due in large part to the tremendous amount of magnetic force emanating from its fiery heart.The Hindus believe the Earth is a living being animated by spiritual "currents." The Tibetan teacher Dhjwal Khul has written volumes about the innumerable forces and emanations we encounter as we spin through space. The Mayans, who spoke of "stabbing beams that penetrate from the heavens," had an exquisite understanding of these realities with their amazing knowledge of wave harmonics and resonance theory — perhaps even more so than scientists today. They based their calendar, unsurpassed by even today’s super-computers, on the core number of 52, claiming it to be in resonance with and of major significance to our world. (The principle of resonance ensures that when two objects have the same natural frequency, as one object emits a sound wave, this energetic gridwork composed of interlacing energy threads (lines of force) that unify matter and create organized forms. Because the threads are magnetic in nature, when enough of them intersect, vortexes of energy are set up. These whirlpools of magnetic currents attract particles to themselves, thus providing the "blueprint" or foundation upon which matter is build. The Hindu teaching calls small vortexes "nadis." When greater amounts of lines of force intersect, "chakras" or polarised centers of energy

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