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I was in Krogers two day before Thanksgiving and I had only picked up a few things so as I started up to the checkout. I passed long lines of people with carts running over and came to stop at the end of the Express Line. There were maybe five people ahead of me so I felt sure I would be through there quickly.
I surveyed the line! A lady at the register was just paying for her stuff and behind her was a little old lady maybe in her 70's, behind her a young man dressed in a suit (probably on a lunch break), behind him a gentleman with just a basket and a half case of Michelob and behind him was a young woman with a curley haired little boy that was reaching for everything and screaming like a banshee when his mother would intercept his reach.
As the little lady moved up to the register she moved very slow and with short steps. She was a frail little lady ( I noticed) as she moved around her basket unloading her stuff. She had a huge bag over her shoulder she could probably sit down in. She instructed the cashier to wait before scanning because she needed to know something. She digs in her wallet for her krogers discount card for the cashier to scan. She immediatly asked the cashier if the small turkey breast was low sodium or if was a butter basted.
Curtiously the cashier checks out the turkey and reads out the sodium content and replies the turkey is not butter basted.
Meanwhile the little boy in front of me is screaming bloody murder and the man (with the Michelob) ahead of the mother and boy keeps glancing back at the boys mother with an annoyed look on his face.
I am thinking: "I hope he doesn't have a hangover".
Up at the register the elderly lady has now moved on to her canned yams and the clerk is reading the can to see if they have to much sugar because her doctor has put her on a low sugar and salt diet. She weighs 100 lbs. for christ sake.
The gentleman (in the suit) behind her is now clearing his throat and moving around anciously while the lady with little boy is now promising him everything under the moon just to shut him up.
The Michelob man was beginning to sweat and I had begun to prop up on my buggy watching the Long line in the regular lanes move on, faster than our.
Then the little lady realizes that she only got three sweet potatoes (she already has yams)when she needed four and the young man in the suit was only too happy to go get her another one that was not to lumpy and really orange per her description.
Her next item needed a price check because there was no price on the item and it was discounted.
The cashier is trying to wait patiently on her as the line gets longer behind me. All eyes on the little lady who is now explaining that she has a coupon for her laundry detergent and one for her bath soap somewhere in the bottom of her BIG bag. She explains to the man behind her (the Michelob man) this is the only soap she can use and she chuckles, sounding kinda like a little girl.
The young man in the suit, gets back with her sweet potatoe and she finds her coupon and pays for her groceries not a minute to soon because I was expecting the Michelob man to pop a top and start swilling right there in line.
When the little lady starts toward the door a sigh of relief literally burst from the mothers lips ( I don't think she could have lasted much longer with her rambuncious little boy) as she now has both her little boys hands in her grip. The little boy stairs at her like a snapping turtle ready to bite.
When I reach my car in the parking lot I see Michelob man turning up bottle and I am almost tempted to jerk open his car door and say "Move over friend I need one too"!

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Comment by moni on December 1, 2009 at 2:14am
This is the joys of everyday life! It's funnier reading about it, happening to someone else.BB


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