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i was getting some pumpkins and leaving the first store(didn't find any there) I met a man in the parkinglot who asked me if i had a dollar. At first I just said no, because my initial reaction is usually to avoid contact with people I don't know, but as i got to my car I realized I did have a dollar, and it didn't really matter what he was going to use it for, I was better off assuming he would use it well, than doubting him and assuming he would squander it. So I caught up to him and handed him the bus fare, candy bar, or whatever else he used it for. I'm glad I did. And I have to say that I feel a little selfish, not just because i hesitated to give a dollar that I could spare, but also because of the little bit of happy I got after I gave one up. I think it was better for me giving it up than it did good for him to receive it.
But since we both benefit, I'm not going to dwell on it. : )

Blessed Samhain.

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Comment by Fantumofthewinds on October 31, 2009 at 7:39am
Indeed , and I to know the feeling. the rest is up to him MP


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