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First I will start off by explaining why i want to study to become a true wiccan...

I learned of wiccan from my husbands mother..decided to research it via web sites books ect...while doing this I also started herbalism...I took more notice in nature the sound of lake michigian the smell of the air this morning at 6am ( the smell of summer turning to fall) before I noticed none of that.. I have said some God(dess) prayers ect ect and it has improved my emotions and my interactions with family and friends. I have NOT done any spells for money luck ect ect...not because I don't want to I just don't feel I have reached that point in my spiritual growth.

Anyway I am a ebay shopper (faithfully) and realised a lot of claimed wiccans are selling "haunted" rings pendants..and other items claiming these items will bring you money sex luck and whatever else your heart desires becaused it was blessed by seven witches..I am NOT saying this isn't true or that it is a scam because I don't know I wasn't there and I don't know the person but what I don't understand. Is if you actually have the GIFT to heal bring someone in need money luck or whatever else why would you charge for such an amazing gift? That is one reason other religions never got my interest..they were all about money and selling the religion rather then teaching or helping because is the right thing to do or even because we are the blessed ones of the Lady and Lord of the universe..maybe I'm not doing my research well enough or I missed something.. (some of the rings are super cute but not paying 139.99 for an evil siren trapped in a emerald stone with real stirling silver and CZ diamonds)!just disappoints me a little bit to think someone is offering very good and helpful gifts (if they actually have them) to people who might actually need them and be in dyer need but have to spend money on something that should be free of charge ..not marketed like every other religion out there but that's just my personally disappointed opinon

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Comment by Kixs on August 30, 2012 at 4:22am

Well I see the Ebay thing as a total joke myself and it seems they are closing down a few of the more non-material type stuff like spells and such.

But now about "selling" your gifts for profit. I do tarot card readings for folks and gasp, I charge strangers for them...oh my, now ain't I bad.

Let me explain a bit. It takes true physical effort to do readings. They actually make you very exhausted. It also takes me about an hour to do one properly for someone I don't know personally. Well that is an hour out of my life, plus my physical strength. A sounds like work to me, and people should get paid for working, don't you think? I am not independently wealthy, I can not give away my time and energy and deprive that time and energy away from my family with out getting something in return to benifit my family. I would never expect anyone to take away from themselves to give to me if they can not afford to, why would anyone expect more from me. Yes it's a gift, but one I have worked many years to perfect. So now I get to reap a reward for all the effort I have put into my craft. I personally see no problem with that. But then again, I am a Witch and the general public says I am not a nice person because for no other reason than the fact that I am a Witch. So why should I prove them wrong?

Comment by Amanda Bellin on August 30, 2012 at 10:51am
I understand and I agree with you tarot reading is hard and takes a lot out of you but I am. Talkingabout items rings pendants ect ect...but maybe it isn't proving them wrong maybe its educating them or even ...sometimes proving people wrong is motivation for a positive change...but I don't think selling magic powers to the gerneral public saying a magical fairy lives in there is a good way to get the general public to take wicca witchcraft seriously..I never said anyone should prove anything...everyone for hundred of years have viewed witches a bad evil people this is nothing new..I go to the public library a lot and this one lady there who sees me checking out wiccan books is so rude and glares ... but instead of being all hurt feelings about I smile say hello and tell her to have a nice say as politely as possible with out sounding like a smart ass...and just here lately she has been saying nicethings back...she is also in her late 50s ...I don't know ..
Comment by Amanda Bellin on August 30, 2012 at 10:53am
Not trying to cause an arguement.. I'm here to learn and expand...sorry for any offences made..

I just truely didn't understand.


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