I have had a couple of dreams lately which i can remember. I think that every dream is always interesting but sometimes you have those dreams you just know you are going to remember for a while and some of them you never forget.

Anyway, in the beginning of the week, i dreamed that i was on a beach with some friends and also with a man i didnt know. The light was kinda dark as if the day was slowly starting or ending. I dont know if WE killed the man or what but suddenly he was dead. It didnt really bother any of us but the funny thing which makes me write the dream here in a blog is this. Me and my friends ate of the dead man there on the beach and it seemed natural and didnt feel the least bit strange to me in the dream.

I still have this image in my head where we have sorta buried the man in the low water by the coast and that the water quickly did so that one could tell that he was there.

More people then came to the beach and i remember feeling very embarressed and nervous that they would find out that we had ate from the dead mans corpse. I dont remember anything else, but i could feel the dream for a couple of days.


A couple of nights back the tables were turned on me, lol

For that night i did not dream of eating from the dead, no. That night i dreamed of being eaten BY the dead. I had this totally "zombie" dream. I just remember the feeling of panic and the sight of the mouths coming closer to my face. There were countless dead people after me, they were as a mass. I think i was eaten more than once in the dream because i remember thinking; OOoh no, here it comes again! Everytime they closed in on my face with their teeth.

unrelated drawing called "The Doorstep"

Thanks for checking the blog :-)


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