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well ive been bored lately, and i decided that I need to persue some hobbies. i already know how to make jewelry, so im thinking i can expand on that. i already know some wire wrapping, and im thinking of getting into moldable metal clay, or polymer clay. i dont have the money for the jewelers tools it would take to make really fine jewelry, but then again, im not looking into this just to sell the pieces. ive also considered candle making, and a few other ideas, because i know how to crochet, not very well mind you, but i do know how. i just need to find my niche. i need something that doesnt take long to make, because i quickly move from one thing to another. thats why jewelry making was perfect for me. i could do it fairly quick, and it looked really nice. it didnt matter much if all the pieces werent exactly alike, because being handmade they are bound to differ a bit. anyway. im still sick, and miserable. im coughing like crazy and my chest hurts from all the coughing. we're all pretty miserable. the kids have had a fever off and on, and my head aches like nobodys business.

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