It's gonna be a nice Sunny day today, Thanks Mother!

I'm sittin here listening to the radio as I usually do when online. I hear about many improbable things goin on in the country ( U.S.) and the world. Here at home "The Land Of The Free" I've heard that there are localities where the police can now arrest you for taking pictures/videos of them while performing their duties. One can get 3 years in prison if convicted of this "crime", that's a felony! In Greece the people are riotin over the austerity that their country has lapsed into. Is this supposed to make things better? In Syria and Libya the ruling powers are killing their people over what started out as peaceful complaints about them. Will this really make them more secure and loved by the populace? In China people are goin to jail for the same, at least as far as we know they haven't started killin anybody yet.

Back here in the U.S. we have people running for president that have warped views and misconceptions about the government and it's history. One has said the Paul Revere made his famous ride to warn the "British" that the British were comin, WTF? Another said that the founding fathers worked long and hard whilst forming the constitution to eliminate slavery. Fact is most of those founding fathers were slave owners before, during and after the constitution was formed. This society gives money to people that have committed crimes against it, the bank bailouts, while they punish the people that were hurt by this crime by eliminating unemployment extensions and cutting entitlement benefits to the needy. Here a contract with the government and private concerns are only good as long as it's beneficial to the higher powers of the contract. i.e. The promise to provide benefits for the retirees, the gov has cut back on it's promise, but won't allow the retirees to do the same, such as lowering their contribution to the program. Health Insurance companies cancel policies because they do not want to pay for treatment of certain illnesses. What is the definition of Insurance? None of these things were listed as exceptions in the contracts that were struck. This government has become a body of reneggers and have set an example for private concerns. And the worst part of all this is that the politicians actually stand up and brag about these misdeeds, even worse there are citizens out there that applaud them for doin it.


Blessings All!

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