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This anthem generator we are the voice of everything the end is the beginning a river a mountain to be crossed the sunshine in mountains sometimes lost fabric threaded mortal garment sewn up eyes of existent binary elements pulse code of forever parchments woven into mass inventions all living forms uttering a same electrical variation corded by a universal force setting planets into motion that light that made the sun to be begotten uderlying theme of atomic explosions beneath superficial interpretation thunder lightning source of all religions it defines invisible infinite power that even parallel energy reminding sunlight fashioning childhood memory who is the master of creation reaching as a personality lunacy moon stories monumental thatchers political arguments,fiction contradiction apparition devotion to a daily diary made up of suffering great expectations a fixed point of origin four corners of the universe a compass gem stone firework mirror wall dreamers instruments written into infinity radical comical critical actors to a time fast blood stained promise savior of existence teacher  no exemptions disease ridden nations locust incantation most have so much mixed blood they are not recognized as a living form so to them killing animals is a psychological spite makes it alright a very modernized society darker into a corner exploring the twin god Naryana seems similar to osiris and isis the binary musical composition big drum little drum syndrome a language of sunlight that is how computers function as a microchip brain which is made of mostly quartz crystal the electronics in a microchip are embedded in a quartz base that is how they work hence the term silicon chip  doomed to eventual failure,proximity that lies the emblem of destiny through chance collision after all is that not how the souls function a complex web created at birth according to surroundings so by moving your set into a kind of limbo everything spins in circles right down to the smallest atomic particle proximity that lies the emblem of destiny through chance collision after all is that not how the soul function a complex web created at birth according to surroundings so by moving your set into a kind of limbo i read that the third eye was once physical i consider Horus a manifestation of the third eye created by osiris or as an ark to all humans as thousands of years ago there was only about five hundred people go back further only six living forms three sets of twins no other life forms not even trees or bacteria dancing in circles creates a vortex then displaces time so by concentration one can actually by physical laws of science go back in time this thought the first humans had a crystal like skin bone is in fact a kind of living crystal calcium carbonate crystal so the expression you make my bones ache numerology is a matter of course principle as a miracle can not be set by any logical calculation weirdo reaction living proof the buoyancy of spiritual energy keeps youth Vanity springs to mind and arrogance where is nothing but material values Venus is a comet suffering because of being a witness you can not see the light and live it creates a paradox also that level of vision ould cause everything to regenerate meaning a mass conspiracy so unusual proof but in a clerical dictation be meaningless the police story the photo multiplex online idiocy where is destiny cause and effect need or want what motivates the body gravity  according to mass over a specific density like a human body the earth rotated much faster thousands of years ago the planet was not tilted on it's axis over years as it slowed down began to tilt like a toy spinning top as it slows down then so tilts this effect has taken place within thousands of years so when the great pyramids ere built because the earth rotated faster gravity as less intense hence an explanation to the massive construction without machines mathematical codes everything is binary the entire process of growing old is neutron proton particles slowing in rotation then fusing together creating a third decay compound mirror praying mantis hideous creatures to be as good as can be given atmospheric changes so woven coven by sanctity emblems of eternity how things could be echoes of planetary stations lodged by time related constriction particle cross divided partitions acting out a infinite story the power and glory how things should be knife edge shaven torn in every direction race invention twin renditions how we laugh in fear and misinterpretation metamorphism tuned by frequency variations held latent as battery field generation so was the sleep ritual once a type of prayer the origins of ball games a round vessel that game of opuses Apostles that mapped out the twelve tribes fragmented formations rock personifications the power of our heart beats thunder lightning to have understanding in how our brains decode sunlight so within the fabric of energy is a timeless message  creation story saying this crystal mountain is where the spark of life first started on this planet which is the center of the universe just as the earth is flat as a matter of fact

By conservative estimates, the population of the United states prior to European contact was greater than 12 million. Four centuries later, the count was reduced by 95% to 237 thousand."Sharon Johnston, The Genocide of Native Americans: A Sociological View, 1996 Andrew Jackson - whose "innocent-looking" portrait appears on the U.S. $20 bill today - in 1814: supervised the mutilation of 800 or more Creek Indian corpses - the bodies of men, women and children that [his troops] had massacred - cutting off their noses to count and preserve a record of the dead, slicing long strips of flesh from their bodies to tan and turn into bridle reins.Ward Churchill, A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1997 Indigenous impact of the Gold Rush in California: Estimated native population before 1848 gold rush: 150,000  Estimated native population in 1870: 31,000 Estimated native population killed by new diseases brought by gold rush settlers: 60% Price for native American severed head in Shasta in 1855: $5  Price for native American scalp in Honey Lake in 1863: 25 cents California state government reimbursement for scalping missions in 1851:the British arrived in Jamestown in 1607. By 1610 the intentional extermination of the native population was well along. As David E. Stannard has written, hundreds of Indians were killed in skirmish after skirmish hundreds were killed in successful plots of mass poisoning,they were hunted down by dogs, 'blood-hounds to draw after them,the fight for truth a monumental espionage baptised in stupidity doccumenting what has been said already great importance to the blood fast memory how accurate a subject Of all images the snake and the horseman the moral sphere it does, on the other, entail a lack of noetic power.The intellect on its own, separated from the sphere of the sensible world, is unable to know reality; sensation, anchored to what is purely sensible, cannot gain access to the noetic plane and thus, in a way, cleft,what is the fascination with silk considering worm farms is it a spiritual objection or some morbid mirror idea of beauty incomplete i am mostly made of water an entropic global saline mass particle crystal calcium form that bellows for attention because of sinking into the idea that others can be torn together then remind myself i am a person why is the sea full of salt is the dead sea a earth graveyard are crystals the remains of living forms from a previous earth's existence magnatite must have been considered magic gave sun stroked egyptian magician the idea to build pyramids it is a natural magnetic rock made up of metal pyramid crystals the pyramids were built after osiris and isis died when the people started to worship animals thread variant sacred parchment fabric serpent filaments  pressure variant gravity frequencies according to the way people talk from town to house creatures that echo the sunlight as language adaptive to a line magnetism given your fate and time spent in a particular area markings  as living forms create antimatter when dreaming this regenerates the bio static field within bone crystal with each heart beat a battery photo synthesis soul formation third eye meditation natural function a machine entity is bound by gravity and shall not progress past a media experiment to time travel the entire planet must become a vessel that apostle horizon galleon of all that exists royal ship ancient worship a variant progressive element that is life or how living forms stay alive worked out into scientific invention same story just told different.If god was to show it self to you would it be coincidence nothing is constant matter is not logical acts ouit at random scientific accidents greatest inventions discovering this planet is one entity each species functions within specific gravity made by god like learning fabrics of living forms adapting changing into atmospheric control as gods of our own creation lower than animal humans have become generations of self destruction by insect manifests bacterial madness synthetic construction ruination.My school friend lived here he let me record his Rush permanent waves and introduced me to a kind of music intelligent rock he also had a witches board i was thirteen years old first day at new school we became friends i protected him from the bullies struggling farmer family i could nearly speak Latin that year following a middle school registration teacher pet subject because his wife was Greek...See more The soul only exists when a living form dreams a circular accelerated gravity field escaping by photosynthesis into the Earth's magnet envelope a field surrounding our planet which is also the realm of dead,looming doom a creeping fate the gate of the dead a great traveler a ship of the sea aw we all terror in all those that died giant waves of skin lost gods of cold a fatal noise because of not punctuating my sentences i have only ever communicated online via the written word makes me write monuments of gibberish a genius my father's brother's son could speak and read different languages aged four he passed all his degrees aged nine went on to program computers do you know the soap program called Taxi with danny devito that lady radio operator in the series she has a genius memory o

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