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The scariest things that have ever happened in my life; Its Halloween...

The first one happened to me! When I was young, I lived in a house that had four different major things happen. The first was that every night or so, all the water in the house would come on in the middle of the night. I've heard the explanations about it being water tests, where the pressure would cause it, but not only does that blow out the seals on faucets, etc, but doesn't usually happen to every thing in the house. None of the faucet seals were damaged, and it happened regularly on every faucet in the house.

Second...I turned out my light one night and got under the covers to find a shadow standing over me that I could see my dresser through. I was not asleep. I was scared to death. Stood over me with arms out and I felt such evil. A child should never see nor feel such things.

Third. I saw a figure outside my window, all yellow light. Head and shoulders, as it was a small window. Don't even bother with the old familiar ways to explain away what I saw. I've heard them all.

Fourth: My father woke one night, supposedly to a voice, saw his dead sister at the foot of the bed telling him to wake up. Turns out my mother, pregnant with my sister, had had an anurism and was soaking the bed with blood. He got her to the hospital with in minutes of mom dying.

That is just one case that has happened in my family, or rather one house. 

When I worked in Tombstone, AZ. I had the pleasure of working at Big Nosed Kate's. A saloon there. Many people died there. There was a death day for a few years in Tombstone. Back in the 1890's. A real silver bust town, home of the Earp's after they left Kansas, and many shoot outs including the OK Corral.

I have walked through narrow passageways in one particular building where carts would shoot out of small nooks right in front of me with enough force to make impressions on the wall opposite and trip people trying to pass. Happened to me twice there in Big Nosed Kate's Saloon.

The Bird cage is another place there that used to be a dance hall where many people claim to have seen ghosts. I've been through there with no personal experiences and cannot speak for the many that say they have.

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Comment by Karen Black on November 2, 2015 at 9:15am

Interesting. I have seen The Birdcage on the show "Ghost Adventures". Do odd things like this continue to happen to you?

Comment by Atheos *Luke* on November 4, 2015 at 11:01pm

I have been through the Bird cage on many different occasions, and while I have felt creeped out there, I have never experienced any odd things there.


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