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Beliefs are enigmas in and of themselves. They are generally as broad-ranging and diverse as the human population itself. Yet they have the power to bind us together with a unbreakable unity or, if we don't temper ourselves, set us at eternal war with one another. Yet is ever so important for us to not only know what we believe but to be able to articulate it to those who ask! It feels that for the past 7 years that our Nation, our Society, ... our Culture has been Kidnapped by the Extreme of the Christian Right... Who want to not just "tell" everyone how they should live, but "make" them live it. These people will confront anyone who isn't a cookie-cutter version of themselves and tell them that "God doesn't love you as much as he loves me." Those same ignorant, narrow minded hypocrites will happily deprive EVERYONE of those essential liberties,.... those unalienable rights that were endowed to us by our Creator for no other purpose than to provide a tiny sense of security,... an illusion of shelter they grant themselves from seeing that truth, real truth is too deep and complex for them to wrap their tiny brains around.
And when someone confronts them instead with a belief that is not like their own, or if they are confronted with their very own beliefs? Their reality unravels like a wintery world of fragile peace.

Many of my beliefs have evolved over the years, and I feel I can say with certainty that they will change more still as I age. "Je crois..." is french for "I believe..." So what do I believe?

I believe...
... that God / Goddess (The Divine) is the Ultimate Power.
... that the Divine is a force of Good.
... that the Divine loves ALL Life unconditionally.
... that the Divine is the Ultimate Power of Forgiveness, and forgives any transgressions we commit, as long as we are truly contrite.
... that since the Divine is the Ultimate Power of Love and Forgiveness, NOTHING Can oppose the Divine's Will.
... that forgiveness and condemnation are mutually exclusive attributes as are Love & Hate (One can Not Love while we Hate, nor can we Forgive while we condemn.)
... that hatred, condemnation, fear, & jealousy are human attributes or tendencies, and are Not of the Divine.
... that since the Divine is the Ultimate Power of Love, Forgiveness, and Understanding, there is NO Devil/Satan/Beelzebub (Baal-zebub); NO Hell; NO "Source of all Evil", because there can be no need for that which the Divine will not do, nor that nor that which can not oppose Their Will.
... that the Divine is present in all life, all matter, all energy.
... that what we do to our planet, our environment, and to each other we also do to God, (betrayal; say harmful things to or about one another; lie; kill, hunt for sport).
... that Love is the only thing that can be divided without being diminished.
... that the Divine wants our Love and our Reverence, not our fear.
... in the sacred Feminine AND God since nature is both feminine & masculine.
... that change is the only universal constant & that we must be flexible in life to accept that change.

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