Kitchen Spells

Spell to Bless your Oven
(From "Witch in the Kitchen" by Cait Johnson)
The oven is an ancient emblem of transformation. Raw brad dough is one thing, but baked bread is clearly another; what comes out of the oven is quite different from what went in. We can honor the oven and its almost alchemical magic - it's ability to change things in order to nourish us more deeply - with this simple spell.
You will need:
A cookie sheet
On the cookie sheet, which represents the Earth, sprinkle a tiny amount of flour. Flour combines all four elements - it was rooted in earth, nourished by rain, warmed by sun, and harvested from air. Give some thought to this as you use your index finger to draw a simple sun-shape on the flour. The oven is like the sun, a small personal source of fire and heat. Breathe your own energy over the cookie sheet and then say the following:
"A blessing on food and fed,
Earth and sun. All are one.
A blessing on your power.
Bless fire and food and maker
Bless seed and plant and baker.
Nourish us deeply,
Change us completely,
Teach us to nourish each other."

~Follow this ritual to make your kitchen a place of joy and harmony~
Pendulum or key
Length of cord
Selection of Chinese spices
Shiny metal bowl
Boiling water
To check if your kitchen has a negative flow or Qi, work in daylight and in peace. Thread the pendulum or key onto your cord and hold it in front of you, it will swing regularly as your walk. Starting from center of the room, walk outward in a clockwise direction, covering the whole area. If the pendulum stops, swings, or pulls in an erratic manner, there is an energy blockage. Note where this happens, to restore harmony, start by placing spices in the metal bowl in the center of the space. Then pour boiling water over them so that aromatic steam rises up out of the bowl. Place a mirror on the wall that is opposite the problem area to reverse the flow of negative energy. Arrange as many plants as you can in the space. You will immediately notice the difference as negative energy is transformed to positive, and blocked energy is released.
Taken from the book "Spells and Charms" by Nicola De Pulford

Apple balance spell
(From "A Witch in the Kitchen")
Try this simple spell to bring balance to your heart and home. First, peel an apple in a continuous piece, making the peeling as long as you can, then set aside the peeling. Now fill the palm of your hand with dried thyme, a balancing and purifying herb. Slowly breathe in its fresh, pungent scent. As you exhale, say your name and the names of all the people and creatures who share your home with you. Next, close your eyes and repeat the following chant:
"Heart, mind, hands, soul, Balanced, open, loving, whole. For the good of all, so mote it be."
Now take the piece of apple peel and sprinkle the moist side with the thyme, rolling up the peel as you go. Tie the resulting bundle with string and bake in a warm (250 F) oven for an hour or so. The fragrance of the baking apple and thyme will help bring well-being and balance to your home and to all who live there. Once dried, the bundle can be kept to hold in your hand whenever you need a little more balance - and, if you like, you can enjoy munching the peeled apple, too!

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