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"Let us talk about issues that are a bit controversial"

Not a problem with me.
And at some point, you become aware that struggle is just a tool, controverse is a mere grindstone for the Ego and it is all about the pecking order. I don't go controverse for the sake of controversy - that is absurd. Move on.

Some people are here because they have no one to talk to about anything existential. I myself am very open to the written word because I lack RL company when it comes to certain topics as well, which means I am definitely sensitive...I have to otherwise I will not be able to have some real exchange with you. I have always been solitary but I never suspected anyone lacking the profound. You do not have to process the profound visibly to be touched by it.

Runes are not just divination tools, or letters. You work with these things and after a while you become aware of what they represent. And then you see them underneath everything, and working through everything, and you see everything obeying to them, ultimately. Once there, you lose interest in approaching the subject in the usual manner, because you're not there yet, at all, but you have an "idea" what's roaring beneath our feet, through us and through us. I think I know that it may have sent one ore two people over the edge. Odin screamed when he comprehended them, DUH.
The good thing I know, you don't have to study them to gain the knowledge and I never tried to convince anyone to study them, I admit. To me it also matters that one has chosen this way by themselves already. there is a good reason why I prefer to have conversations with someone who walks another path because of the nature of my own. I can not deny my nature. I have had my experiences with individuals who walked the path and it is a really good thing to keep your distance when exchanging. There is some real fate and some illusion of fate, the real fate is obedience to the laws that the runes are. The illusion is anything else, including your conclusions.
My attitude is not controversial within myself, it is controversial in appearance. My peace may not be your peace.

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Comment by Maris Hellfaerie (Maire) on November 29, 2009 at 11:15am
am I really being social while communicating online with others?
Yes, that is the question we should ask ourselves, not only especially as solitary individuals. :)
Consider: People who have English as a second language are very careful when it comes to understanding content. We are very revealing creatures, by the words we choose, by the words we don't use.
Comment by Fantumofthewinds on November 29, 2009 at 11:15am
my interaction is with family and friends and here unseen on PS. and you are correct in saying your peace is not mine as we all have our own perspectives of just what this is as well. But with 6 kidos and 14 grand and all filled with drama and life a moment of silence is heaven lol have a good day what ever your PEACE be
Comment by Maris Hellfaerie (Maire) on November 29, 2009 at 12:53pm
I try to explain what I am talking about so people understand what I am saying, but sometimes I will even confuse myself. :-)

I learned that whenever I really explain myself shit happens. When I don't explain myself, it happens, too. Meeting people is anguish because I have to give them the time to see what's going on, and until some see, some hurt. Actually I could scream all day long.
Comment by Constantine 13 on November 29, 2009 at 2:12pm
Everything has a code. The code for Buddhism is silence. From what I've studied in different Eastern philosophy books is you never ask questions even if your master gives you one. If you ask it in front of him he will answer it with a riddle within a riddle. "What is the meaning of life?" well....."Why is the sky blue?, why does the wind blow? what is the sound of one hand clapping??"

The truth is there really is no answer. The question is asked to only make you think more with a clear head. Only YOU can find the answer in your own way. Interpret it and fully understanding (or best as you can) it in your own way, the teacher is only there to guide you. It's the same with us on PS. No matter if you ask questions or not, you can freely read others words an put it together with your own. "am I really being social while communicating online with others" or "am I really being social while NOT communicating online with others?" both questions are correct because in order to FULLY understand anything one must have a different point of view from another person. Regardless of our ages, we all can learn from each other.

Life is solitary, no matter how open you are with another individuals you still are solitary....even from your own essence. We all can hear "The Call" of the unknown, the hidden "spiritual" path of life. Some of us can hear it, other's don't want to hear it and then there are those who can't hear it because they just don't know how. No matter what color you are, no matter what sex you are, no matter if your a young spirit or an old spirit within a mortal or animal coil. We all come from the same place, just SOCIETY divides us from our true mother.

Especially coming form the states. The United States I must say is by far the last country that still needs to understand it's self BUT is rapidly coming together as a whole. Through Politics, Religion and mosty of all, Culture.

I love the Runes but I don't study them (in depth) unless I have to. I understand the basics of the Furthark, Old English and Germanic form. I understand what they represent (again in basics) Like there is one fellow on PS that wanted to get a tattoo phrase when the runes are in Iclandic form....yeah, don't understand LOL.

I really don't even pull out my bag runes anymore because I see them everywhere. I was just outside smoking a cigarette and right by my door is ALGIZ and WUNJO/FEHU was by a tree. LMAO My brother thinks i'm crazy. Through my eyes I'm trying to put them together, understanding why they are infront on me, and all my brother sees is me looking at the ground for hours with a pen and note pad in my hand LMAO!!!

Yes, nice post Hel Wolf :o)
Comment by Maris Hellfaerie (Maire) on November 29, 2009 at 2:23pm
Yes, Silence.

80. All will prove true that thou askest of runes --
those that are come from the gods,
which the high Powers wrought, and which Odin painted:
then silence is surely best.

No implications made. Thank you for taking the time for a quality response :)
Comment by Maris Hellfaerie (Maire) on November 29, 2009 at 3:56pm
The German word "raunen" is a close relative to the word "Rune". It could be best translated as to chant in a low voice; to whisper.


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