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This one will surely ruffle many feathers.

Let me make it clear from the start that I understand not everyone fits this particular bill. Not everyone needs the same things to keep a marriage together. This is my response to a lot of questions women have asked me, friends and others. I can't speak for every guy but I can speak for a majority of them.

That said, yes, there is a larger number of men who cheat in America than women. In Europe its the other way around. Women and even men ask me about the reasons. I won't go into all of them in one post. I am going to concentrate on Marriage and why it doesn't last sometimes.

I'll start with Attraction. 

The initial workings for a marriage is the attraction to each other, regardless of what that reason is. You fall in love based on what you know of each other at the time. Men and women have sometimes very different reasons for that initial attraction. 

Women who like bad boys will eventually be the target for the bad side. You can't expect a bad person to not turn it on you at some point. A lot of women don't know the difference between someone that will protect them and someone that is just bad. A good man will protect you, provide for you but most bad boys just end up in jail or using their fists on you.

Nice guys end up in the friend zone. Why? because you don't show that you can take care of them. Don't go out and start a fight, that's pretty stupid if you don't know how to fight. But if you aren't willing to take a punch for a girl, don't expect her to dote on you.

Before you get all excited and start calling me names and letting me know now all women are that way, guys, trust me. They all say they don't want that but they go off with someone on the way to jail instead of taking you home. They say they wonder where all the nice guys are but go home with the ones that wont call them.

Yes, there are a few thousand women out there that don't fit that bill. There are a many out there too who aren't looking for money in a husband. 

The real problem with women that are looking for money:

Most aren't actually looking for money, but security. Not a life of comfort. Its a nesting instinct. You aren't supposed to be the mooch on the couch. You are supposed to be the provider and the person that makes them feel safe, not the idiot smoking weed on the couch doing nothing. Not the one in Jail. Most of them just want a safe home, protection physically, mentally and financially. Its not really about money.

Men need attraction. They tend to stray a lot because of lack of it. Men, don't marry a woman you don't think you will still want to fuck in a few years. Making love is about attraction. Staying close to a woman is about intimacy. If you don't have that "I have to have you" attraction, then don't play them. That attraction can be because of so many reasons, not just physical. But if you don't have that, be nice to them, don't make it something to them its not.

Whatever it is that attracts you to them, make sure its not just physical or any one thing. 

One last thing: Women get bored, just like men do. If you are always sweet to them they will get bored and either leave or cheat. Its why they cheat in many instances. Start a little fight once in a while. Show them you want to be the boss even though you know they hold the cards. Don't be a whimp. 

They will respect you more if you be the boss once in a while. Show they that a tiger woman has an equal, not prey. Treat them as equals, don't let them run over you. In the end they will respect you. But woe to the man that tries to control them or things they are less than him. If you succeed, you have a puppy, not a woman. 

Respect women, learn who they are. Don't assume. Most of the time they aren't as crazy as you might think.

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