LUKE# 21 chat room etiquette and what a mod should be

The difference  between an asshole and a mod stepping in

Its really interesting how different sites have different ideas of who is a troll and how is just an ass, and how they keep trolls sometimes, other times keep assholes and who they decide to ban or not. 

This post has nothing to do with this site in particular, lets make that clear. Its a combination of all sites I have visited over the last 10 years. 

Some sites have a clear idea of what constitutes a troll or other ideas. To be honest, the one thing they all have in common is that if you question a moderator, you are a troll or someone undesirable. That is universal. They all have an ego that knows no bounds. You question them, you are screwed. Even if you aren't actually questioning them, but the site and the reasons. 

I love Pagan Space because they listen to you, teach you about the rules when you don't follow it and try and keep you around. I exclude them from my post completely. I recently had an issue and it was resolved with caring and concern, and a ton of intelligence. 

But its still an issue that many people would like to discuss. Not all of us preach or call people names. Sometimes we just have an issue and speak our minds on some boards. We all know the thing. Have an opinion and get banned for it. 

What gets me is the times that (again not here) that some guy that has been around forever stays there after treating everyone like shit. Always either making fun of people or being an asshole. They stop short of calling people names, but just goad them. They do that everyday with no one calling them out, except the people they make angry enough to get banned for it. 

There should be an extra part of the TOS that says, if someone consistently makes trouble like a bully, they should be banned. No matter what language they use. If they are a bully, they get banned. Most mods I know, have been round long enough to see it without having people complain about it.

I agree Mods should be around for racist comments, (thought I've seen people get away with that too). Calling people names, etc. Yes, we need them there for extreme things, certainly. But people that have been around for years, getting away with being a mean, nasty person should have to go. On many sites I have been to, they just ignore the people that have been around for a long time that start shit. 

What do you think? Do you think everyone should be subject to mean people just because they have always done that? We always have people like that, but should they get to stay for years just because they don't fit the strict definition of troll? We all know they are. 

Some people have off days, say things they regret. They get banned. The ones that are mean consistently stay around. 

Once again, I don't mean on Pagan Space. We all have multiple sites we frequent. Here is just opinion for the general idea.

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