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I want to truly thank those that have stopped by to welcome me to PaganSpace. Having newly found my path (or rather having finally had it illuminated with blinking neon arrows and signs screaming walk this way) I can honestly say I have never felt more welcome in a community. I appreciate how diverse and open pagans have been to me and look forward to continuing this life and helping to welcome others as well.

If anyone has any reading suggestions, I greatly appreciate that. As my profile states, I walk the path of the Asatruar. My Guide has given me several resources to study in regard to history, lore, culture and so forth, but I am open to learn. I have been called home by Freya and am immersing myself as much in Her as I am in my study of Asatru as a whole, though my earthly needs make finding time for my spiritual ones difficult. I grow in strength with each day and each connection I make. Defining my interests are difficult, as I know there are grey areas and fine lines and not everyone uses the same words to describe the same aspects. My interests include studying the runes and effecting positive change around and within me. I am also interested in learning woodworking, leathercraft and metal working.

I am open to lessons from all,

Brightest Blessings,


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Comment by Fantumofthewinds on November 30, 2009 at 11:14am

And glad you are here, the world of many minds, I would hope that you make your self at home, and I would hope through our groups you learn much BB
Comment by Freyadis Odinsdottir on December 10, 2009 at 11:21pm

Thank you for stopping by, I can say my study list from my Guide is quite long and I was sent to that site via a link to Uncle Loki's holiday sale by my guide, who received it from Jordsvin, who is linked thru articles on there as well. I must say I'm amazed to see how widely spread and tightly woven this community is. I attended seidh with Jordsvin, asked to come by my guide who felt I needed to be there for a message. My path had already been shown to me (though I was still unsure how to proceed). Let me tell you...that evening definitely LIT the path and showed me how to walk it. I'm thankful for the recommendations and will definitely give them thorough readings as I am able.

Many Thanks!


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