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So of course since I started meditating and dealing with magics I've had plenty of apocalyptic dreams...but not in the way everyone thinks. Mostly I'm there in the aftermath, this is about as much as I know, or I witness it happening and am with the survivors during the entire thing.


The last 4 or 5 dreams I've had all involved my training. Now keep in mind I've watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief twice so far...but I was having training dreams before I watched the movie. I'm always with others, training for something big, attempting to enhance my fighting skills, survival skills, gaining bonds with the other soldiers/trainees. 


I found this an interesting link. I never really believed in an apocalypse, but sharing my odd dreams always seems to help. I should post them more often because when I wake up I always have vivid detail I can share.

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Comment by ValkAri on June 30, 2011 at 4:53pm
alas i'm new. i still struggle with constant shielding, but am getting better at it, and i don't know any current protection spells but i'm working on that as well :P i kind of have things protecting me at the moment. They wont let me die yet. >.> even if i wanted to.


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