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Mr. Reaper


Many times, upon your door, I have knocked

The insanity of a child in a mans body

I remember; the days of driving like a mad man

Entering burning buildings with out a second glance

The only tactics to this life I knew, go get it.

Now I see so many things to make me thankful

Is it to much to ask, for another day to breath?

A day to teach those around me the gifts I see.

Young and foolish, now old and foolish at times

Many years you have given me, for each I am glad

And many more I hope you allow me to see.

The season of thanks and counted blessing about

Seems odd, I am thankful for death, the reaper man

Not only have you allowed me this life I live,

The love I have found and share so intimately.

I am thankful for the days you have allowed me

Sadly, we have visited many times, never for me

And I hope you will see in your heart, to allow me

many years to be thankful. For you are my friend

And not my foe,

Mr. Reaper

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